For someone unfamiliar with the law – specifically for someone unfamiliar with family law – the first time you get embroiled in care proceedings, there’s a lot to take in.

There are legal terms, there are procedures, there are things you must do, there are things you must not do.

There are things to remember, things to note down, things to ask about.

We understand that on top of the stress that you are under from the mere fact of having care proceedings begun against you, it can all be too much to keep track of and too much to cope with.

Fortunately, the Ministry of Justice realized the same thing and produced a care proceedings brochure for parents like you to help them to get their head around what was occurring.

The brochure is entitled very directly entitled “Your child could be taken into care. Here’s what you need to know,” with its accompanying leaflet, “Your child could be taken into care. A Guide for Parents.”

How Can the Care Proceedings Brochure Help You?

Importantly, the brochure is laid out almost like a workbook so as to leave you space to note the important things that you have to remember such as times and dates of meetings and hearings, things you need to bring with you etc. There is even a section to note what actions you have taken to keep to the agreement made in the pre-proceedings meeting.

“You were recommended to
me by my Family Support
Worker; and now I’d
recommend you to anyone
else. If I ever need a family
law solicitor again, I’ll be
round to see Brendan
straight away. My son
and I are now both safe.
We have a new life. I
can’t thank you enough.”Our client, Kelly

There is plenty of room to note the things you do not understand so that you can ask your solicitor to help you with them.

Be aware that just reviewing a short child care proceedings book and filling it out its blanks yourself is no replacement for a thorough understanding of the care proceedings process. Such an understanding is only really achieved through years of practicing family law.

The Care Proceedings booklet advises in no uncertain terms that you should you find yourself subject to care proceedings – or if you have merely received a letter before proceedings and there is a threat of care proceedings being begun – you should get yourself a Care Proceedings solicitor NOW.

This is vital. A care proceedings solicitor understands care proceedings law and will be able to speak for you at the various meetings or court hearings.

There is plenty of room in the brochure to note the things you do not understand so that you can ask your solicitor to help you with them.

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