Client Testimonials

Annette was brilliant, she talked me through everything, she said that obviously divorces are very daunting and scary but Annette always talks things through and made sure that I understood what was happening and she has always been amazing throughout the time she was dealing with me.  I was always fully updated and if I didn’t understand anything Annette would explain it clearly to her.

DB - Birmingham


I was first attracted to Brendan Fleming by their philosophy of non-confrontation in divorce and a conciliatory approach as described on their website – and goodness knows divorce is a stressful process - so I found this rather appealing. Annette Woodall represented me and I cannot praise her highly enough. She epitomises the Company’s values and I found her to be both rigorous and hardworking in helping achieve a workable and realistic outcome. She was always the consummate professional, exploring all angles and making sure nothing was overlooked and never baulked at going that extra mile. Annette also showed great compassion and humour that helped me retain my sanity in the divorce process. I would not hesitate to recommend Annette as a highly skilled, personable and professional divorce advocate.  

PB - Worcester


I was recommended to Annette by a family friend who had previously worked alongside her and highly regards her and her work. From the first meeting, I felt extremely comfortable dealing with Annette and appointed her immediately. Her no nonsense, matter of fact and down to earth approach was refreshing as was her wealth of experience. I had previously met a couple of other solicitors to enquire about handling my divorce, but none of them made me feel as at ease as Annette did. Her no nonsense approach was extremely reassuring particularly when I had to deal some demands my ex-husband made after mediation had taken place and the financial arrangement signed. She was able to advise me and reassure me - it was great to have someone who was 'on my side'.

JW - Solihull


Annette Woodall proved to be invaluable in my recent family disputes she was experienced, dedicated and understanding, I felt even though she was under pressure from the other side, Annette kept her cool and pressed ahead in a professional and reliable way
I would highly recommend Annette's services to anybody who has had the unfortunate twist of fate and who find themselves needing representation in the Family courts, I cannot praise her enough and remain eternally grateful that I was represented by somebody who gets the job done.

CMc - Solihull


I was recommended to Annette at Brendan Fleming by a colleague as I was seeking an expert in legal divorce proceedings. Annette and her team provided an excellent service throughout the process. They were always responsive and pro-active but most importantly sensitive to my requirements and very practical and objective in their guidance and support. I would certainly recommend Annette and her firm to anybody seeking a professional and yet personal service.”

SR - Worecester


Unfortunately, my ancillary relief proceedings have taken over five years and are likely to continue for the foreseeable future due to my ex-husband’s non-compliance with court orders.  Prior to instructing Annette Woodall I had been represented by two different lawyers, both Partners at a large, national law firm in Birmingham.  My experience of these lawyers was one of inefficiency resulting in an overwhelming feeling that I was not receiving the appropriate level of service for the high fees I was being charged.  
Annette took my case on when I was absolutely desperate.  I had run out of money having already spent over £15,000 in legal fees and I now qualified for legal aid.  My previous lawyer refused to represent me now I could no longer afford their fees (despite their firm taking legal aid cases) and I had a court hearing looming in a matter of days.  My case was very complex, all assets were overseas, my ex-husband did not comply with court orders and I faced a huge challenge in enforcing the court orders due to the fact my ex-husband lived overseas.  Every lawyer I contacted refused to represent me on legal aid due to the complexity of my case.
Annette was different.  She agreed to take my case at the eleventh hour just before the hearing and continued to represent me for over three years.  My case has been lengthy, frustrating and complicated, Annette has always made me feel in safe hands due to her vast experience and calm, efficient manner.  I particularly appreciate her honest and pragmatic approach and have always felt she has acted in my best interests, mindful of costs which so often can spiral out of control.  Despite my legal aid status, she always made me feel like I was an important client and has dealt with matters in a professional, timely manner.  She has worked tirelessly to help achieve the best outcome for me.  She persuaded a wonderful barrister to represent me at hearings and I felt incredibly lucky to have such excellent representation.
My case centred around ancillary relief and achieving a financial settlement.  My ex-husband’s refusal to provide honest financial disclosure and the complexity and overseas location of our marital assets proved extremely challenging.  My case involved numerous requests for financial disclosure, penal notice applications for enforcing court orders, section 37 injunctions to protect assets, a committal to prison hearing, two FDR hearings and finally resulted in a contested two-day Final Hearing.  There has since been further enforcement action resulting in a suspended committal to prison order, a variation application and another two-day Final Hearing.  Throughout Annette’s advice has been invaluable and she has gone way out of her way to help me at every stage.  I cannot recommend Annette highly enough, she is a one-off and I consider myself extremely privileged to have been represented and supported by her, during undoubtedly one of the most difficult and stressful periods of my life.

LA - Gloucester


I first met with Annette for advice on the financial aspects of divorce which are both daunting and stressful.  Her calm and pragmatic approach was reassuring and immediately made me feel that she could and would help me.  During the divorce process things became more complicated and protracted than at the outset and Annette consistently stepped up to advise and support me.  Divorce is a stressful situation, particularly when children are involved and it was the support of Annette that guided me through the process to resolution.  I found her advice to be professional and practical, Annette always treated me as an individual and I never felt like one of many clients, she always had time for me and always made me feel like nothing was too much trouble.  Throughout the process there are many difficult times, but it was Annette’s balance of professional and personable approach that gave me the resolve to get through it.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Annette to anyone unsure of how to get through the fog of separation and divorce.

CK - Brierley Hill


Jenny Brooks of Brendan Fleming Ltd. was recommended to me by a colleague, And from the first meeting right through to the conclusion of the case I found Jenny as well as all the staff at Brendan Fleming to be both professional and friendly in all matters relating to my case. they kept me informed and up to date on all matters and the level of communication was second to none. and I would not hesitate in instructing them to act on my behalf again should the need arise again.

No name given


I was at a place where i thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel and no where to turn. i had my children taken off me and had no where to go. i had contact with other firms which left me out of pocket and promises that were never met. Then i was recommended to brendan flemming this was my last chance and hope. im grateful they appointed me a solicitor named salvia akram. who from day one worked hand in hand with me met all my needs she was there for me in every step of the way. today i have my children back a lovely home and i am back on my feet. im very happy with the service i received. i can never thank salvia enough as she made my life complete again.

No name given


“I could not have done this without Michaela, she has undertaken so much work and progressed this case, it has not only helped me but the children so much, I could not be more happy with how I have been represented. Michaela has always kept me informed and explained the law and the process in a way that I could understand. I would have no hesitation in instructing Michaela again in any other family matter and I would highly recommend her and the firm to others. Michaela has gone above and beyond, because of her work the children are now placed in my care.”

FM - Birmingham


“Those instructing may already know how thrilled I always am to be instructed by Messrs Brendan Fleming. I am a big fan of the practice and it is always an honour to be part of such a magnificent organisation. My gratitude of course extends in particular to Miss Natasha Satterthwaite who prepared her clear and detailed instructions to a very high standard indeed and who had clearly thought carefully about this case and the Mothers position.”
“My husband and I appreciate very much all the support and hard work that both Dawn and Gemma gave us during what has been the most traumatic experience of our lives to date. It will never be forgotten….
“Despite never being directly accused of anything ourselves, we have had two of our children removed and in some way still feel as though we are guilty until proven innocent. It has been hard to comprehend.
“Perhaps I could give credit to your organization for being ‘that listening ear at a time in need,’ being readily available at all hours, going above and beyond the call of duty and supporting us. At times I’ve been sick of the sound of my own voice; God only knows how Dawn and Gemma must feel.
“They are a credit to your business, representatives to be proud of and they never fail to impress.
“A genuine thank you from us both.”

Our clients, Nathan and Caroline

“After being plunged into what can only be described as the most traumatic situation an innocent mother can experience, I made a call to Brendan Fleming solicitors. It turned out to be the best call I ever made.

“I was overwhelmed by the kind and friendly attitude of Sue Hayes who handled my call at a most unsociable hour and who gave me very practical advice at a time when I was highly emotional and not thinking straight. She gave me the strength to fight against a very confusing system and to get my daughter home where she belonged.
“My case was passed to Rebecca Ward as a case worker, who from the first interaction gave me confidence that she was very much on-side and that we would get through it together.
“Throughout the process Rebecca has been on hand day and night, incredibly supportive and proactive; which in my opinion has made all the difference to my case. At a time when my integrity was being questioned, Rebecca believed in me and continually gave me the strength and encouragement to fight to be proactive in proving my innocence. As well as gaining legal advice, I felt I gained a friend. She remained professional at all times and saw it through to the end when we received the news that Social Services admitted they were wrong and dropped the case “My family is now reunited and happy. And it is with humble gratitude that I say thank you to all at Brendan Fleming, in particular Sue and Rebecca, for their continued support and for helping us to fight for what is right.”



More was done in one appointment with Brendan than my previous solicitors did in nine.

Thank God we have solicitors who will work for us! I felt really happy with the appointment and felt really reassured by Rebecca and Brendan. I couldn’t sleep the night before, but felt much more at ease after the appointment. Both were really helpful and, by the service so far, I would thoroughly recommend Brendan Fleming Solicitors to others”

Mrs LW and Miss KB


“I know I have a fight in front of me but now I know I have someone in my corner who believes in me, which makes all the difference.”

Ms B.


“At the appointment excellent advice was given and I am really happy with the service so far. Charlotte is dealing with my case and she is really helpful.

Mrs B.


I have made no secret of how thrilled I am to be instructed by Brendan Fleming Solicitors. I am sincerely impressed with the ethos of the practice and in particular with the engagement we have had since my instruction.

In the short time we have worked together I have been sincerely impressed with the standard of your work and the instinctive feel you have for you cases and clients. I have been so impressed that I have offered to reduce my commendation to writing in the hope that this note serves to corroborate any positive appraisal, assessment or analysis of your work.

I confirm that we do not know each other personally and I, of course, declare my interest in the hope of future instruction but that aside I have been sincerely impressed with your work.

Firstly I note your energy which is a great credit to you. That energy is reflected by your client engagement. Thus far your clients are well informed regarding the process they are going through. Each client expresses a real sense of partnership and belonging in their case and this sense of belonging cannot be underestimated. It brings so much more out of a lay client at court when they have been well prepared and engaged for their hearing.

Secondly, the physical preparation of documentation and instructions has been faultless. That can be down to experience but I note that you clearly and properly anticipate the progression of the case. This means that I observe you as driving your cases rather than risking unbalance in troubled water or ineffectively responding to issues.

A further measure of your professional presentation is the confidence your clients express in you and your work. This goes further and deeper than I usually observe is the best foundation any Counsel could hope for.

Insofar as specific case work I have observed I have been impressed just how quickly you can produce work of a consistently high quality when operating under extremely tight deadlines. All this achieved with a warm and cheerful disposition.
I have observed a real sense of empathy for the situations your clients find themselves in yet this is measured with leadership and control. It is a very sophisticated balance and you achieve it with some style. I certainly have great confidence, through what I have seen, that your clients are receiving an excellent standard of service which you appear to deliver at a consistently high standard.

I remind myself that on occasion we are required to engage robustly with some fairly challenging, difficult, damaged and complex personalities. I have been consistently impresses with the intelligent and respectful description and analysis you apply to your clients and situations they find themselves in. This, in my opinion, is an essential and integral element of professional integrity and courtesy in our area of practice.

During our professional association I have divulged that as a chambers we are a sponsor of the Family Law Awards and I have already identified Brendan Fleming Solicitors and you in particular to our Family Law Team as ‘one to watch’. I have every intention to put you forward as a nominee for next year. We just enjoyed a lovely supper at the awards this year in the Bloomsbury Big Top.

We have already tackled some very interesting cases and peeping into my diary it looks like there are some further adventures to come. I remain impressed with your professionalism, sincerity and your instinct because these are client service skills and practical legal skills that one can’t always teach.

I have no doubt that Brendan Fleming Solicitors are already making real waves and have every confidence with persons on the team with your standing ever greater success is inevitable. There are many good rumblings on circuit and I have already declared how thrilled I am to be instructed.

If any question arise regarding any further corroboration of your work is concerned I am delighted to assist.

MM - Barrister, Goldsmith Chambers

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