Not all children are the same. Some are born with complex needs and as such need special care to guarantee their welfare.

Complex needs children can have a number of differing needs that require cooperative support from more than one agency. Their needs are often chronic and may be lifelong. Different needs tend to interact, exacerbating their impact on the child’s development and well-being. But how best to achieve this at a local level?

“I was extremely happy
with the service I
have been given.
I was recommended
to you by another
client, after initially
receiving poor
representation in my
case by another solicitor.
I found Rebecca, in
particular, to be easy
to talk to and confide in;
and I am more than
grateful for the hard
work she and the team
put in for me.
Thank you!”Our client, Kelly

Local government has faced an unprecedented challenge over the last few years – savage cuts, increasing demand and rising expectation – and new approaches have had to be evolved to better service the needs of children and families, including provision of more and safer areas in which the children could play.

Radically restructuring local authorities’ access to services, the Commissioning Support Programme is working with national partners and leading commissioners to find solutions. Established in late 2008, their success comes from their ability to be a powerful agent of change through a unique commissioning approach.

Their approach is focused around brokering local relationships and partnerships that can ensure an effective range of services, delivered how and where families want them and in a way that makes the best use of resources and expertise.

The success of the initiative has come from an objective view of the totality of the problem on a national level, allowing the delivery of better outcomes for children, young people and families at a local level.

Best Practice, Policy and Guidance for Complex Needs

Part of this success has come from the pooling of national resources to create a “bank” of knowledge and experience, allowing the sharing of best practice and the establishment of general policy and guidance regarding those children with complex needs.

The methodology does not promote a particular service design but empowers local professionals and communities to understand the system and create a more effective design. It offers a pragmatic, scalable way of implementing Total Place and Big Society, which quickly implements a top-led bottom-up design of local services.

The Commissioning Support Programme works flexibly with all local authorities in England and their partner organizations to  help them achieve better outcomes for children, young people and their families.

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Brendan Fleming Solicitors are nationally recognized as a leading choice in the area of care work. We are justifiably proud of our expertise and our success rate. We are contracted to the Legal Services Commission for this type of work and are considered to be one of the leading national firms for publicly funded services.

Our principal, Brendan Fleming, has won a reputation for his innovative approach, spearheading many new ways of securing justice for families caught in the care proceedings trap. He is a member of a select children’s panel and recognised and approved by the Law Society.

If the local authority are trying to get a care order issued on your child, and to see how we can help you, contact Brendan Fleming Solicitors.

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