Divorce law in England and Wales is outdated, anachronistic and due for an overhaul, announces Retiring Family Law judge Sir Paul Coleridge, according to the Law Society Gazette.

The extant divorce laws of England and Wales were established by the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973, an Act Coleridge says has ‘had its day’ and deserves to be ‘humanely killed off’.

He added that, established some 4 decades ago, the current divorce and financial provision law was ‘designed in a wholly different era to deal with a wholly different society and way of life’ and proclaimed it no longer fit for purpose.

Calling for an independent commission to take a ‘new and fresh’ look at the current divorce laws, Coleridge stated that English courts need to adopt a more ‘innovative and much more daring’ approach to their handling of the area.

Family law, he said, should regulate how life is lived now, not in the ‘distant past’.

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