A recent case won by Brendan Fleming Solicitors, standing as the epitome of justice being done:

140331 - Prynne Telegraph Article

Brendan Fleming’s international influence on family law cases, as commented upon by Christopher Booker in the Sunday Times.

Sunday Telegraph Article, February 9, 2014

How the latest high-profile case for Brendan Fleming is bringing about a call for reform in the family courts, as reported in the Sunday Telegraph:

Booker Telegraph Article 22 Dec 2013

The latest reactions to the case from the public and the legal profession, as reported in the Telegraph:Barrett Telegraph Article Dec 2013

Christopher Booker’s column from the Sunday Telegraph of 1st December, outing the story for the first time and praising Brendan Fleming as “the most formidable of the few British solicitors prepared to fight for parents whose children have been seized by social workers for seemingly no good reason”:

Booker Telegraph Article 1 Dec 2013R

And how the Telegraph broke the exclusive to the world:

Freeman Telegraph Article 1 Dec 2013R

A further article from the Sunday Telegraph′s Christopher Booker, relating the international effects being created by Brendan Fleming:

Booker Telegraph Article Nov 2013

The following article, as reported in the Daily Telegraph of 20th September 2012, relates a recent case of Brendan Fleming Solicitors which is rapidly “taking on the appearance of a leading test case”:

Bingham Telegraph Article 20 September 2012

An article from the Daily Mail of 1st August 2012, reporting on a landmark court victory in which Brendan Fleming represented and defended the family involved, with credit due to case worker, Dawn Sweeney:

Reid Mail Article 1 August 2012

A recent article from the Sunday Telegraph of 27 May 2012, highlighting the need for those such as Brendan Fleming Solicitors who are willing to fight for justice for all:

Booker Telegraph Article 27 May 2012

The following is an article from The Times – the most important newspaper in English legal circles – of 30 September 2010. It makes some salient points and reaffirms Brendan Fleming’s excellent reputation in Family Law:

Cavendish Times Article September 2010

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