“The Epitome of Justice Being Done”

Another “non-accidental injury” case handled by Brendan Fleming Solicitors made its way into the national press this week, being reported upon by the Daily Telegraph.

The parents of a young child who had suffered severe head injuries in a fall from his bed were accused by the local authority of having caused the injuries in a classic case of “shaken baby syndrome.” Under an Emergency Care Order the child was taken from the parents and placed into care almost a year ago.

Representing the parents on behalf of Brendan Fleming Solicitors, Sioned Hetherington instructed a haematologist, a geneticist, a paediatrician, a neuro-surgeon and an ophthalmologist in order to establish that the injuries sustained were a result of a congenital pre-disposition suffered by the child.

Under cross examination, these experts all conceded that due to a combination of factors the child suffered increased vulnerabilities and that a low level fall from a bad could indeed have caused the devastating head injuries.

Judgment was given at Nottinghamshire High Court: His Honour Judge Lea made no findings and discharged the care order as threshold criteria were not met. The family was reunited, with the child returned to his overjoyed parents.

At the outset, with the weight of medical evidence against them, the parents’ case seemed to be a lost cause. But with Brendan Fleming Solicitors fighting their corner, a resounding victory was snatched from the gaping maw of defeat and injustice.

As Sioned herself surmised at the close of proceedings: “This case really was, in my opinion, the epitome of justice being done.”

Read the Telegraph article here as one of our series of blog posts.

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