Broken Bones

Children live rough-and-tumble lives. They fall over. They get knocked about. They suffer bumps, breaks and bruises. Accidents can happen and sometimes the consequences of these accidents can be severe. The current climate of fear generated by Social Services means that these breaks and bruises are sometimes misinterpreted as signs of abuse, and attributed to “Non-Accidental Injury.”

In our years of experience in addressing cases of Non-Accidental Injury, we have seen many where parents have been so accused; we have seen and addressed pretty much the full catalogue of injuries that can be classified as non-accidental in nature, including fractures of various types in the bones in the child.

Where you find yourself accused of inflicting Non-Accidental Injuries of any kind upon you child, Brendan Fleming Solicitors can offer you immediate support, advice and assistance. Our experts have years of experience in the area of Non-Accidental Injury which can be brought to bear to help defend your case. To benefit from our expertise, contact us today. Call us on 0121 683 5000, or click through to our contact form using the button below.

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Why You Need Brendan Fleming Solicitors for Your Case

Brendan Fleming, [is] the most formidable of the few British solicitors prepared to fight for parents whose children have been seized by social workers for seemingly no good reason.

– Christopher Brooker, The Telegraph 2013.


Brendan Fleming speaking at the Stop Forced Adoption conference and covering many aspects of care proceedings.


We know that you love your child. We know that you would do anything to prevent them from coming to harm. When someone turns to us for help with their Non-Accidental Injury case, these are the stable data from which we operate. Unfortunately, Social Services have adopted a different, more accusative attitude. It is the local authority that accuses you of non-accidental injury NOT the police.

We have a reputation for standing up to the local authority. We fight tooth and nail for positive outcomes in EVERY case we take on.

Our 24 hour helpline is open for you and here you will find the most important information boiled down to just a few short pages to explain what happens in these types of cases.

We can successfully fight your Non-Accidental Injury Case. Contact us today to find out what we can do to help you. Call us on 0121 683 5002 (out of hours mobile or for texting: 07730 143 432or click through to our contact form using the button below.

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A Dedicated Non-Accidental Injury Department

We are committed to redressing the injustice of parents being falsely accused of causing Non-Accidental Injury to their children. Our commitment is such that we have established a dedicated Non-Accidental Injury Department to address such cases. The department is manned with our leading specialists in the area, with years of cumulative experience in successfully overturning wrongful accusations of Non-Accidental Injury.

Where we can, we will work to have such accusations overturned at the level of investigation, before the case is even brought before the court.

Case History In Re L:

To see how we can similarly help you with your case, contact us today. Call us on 0121 683 5000, or click through to our contact form using the button below.

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After bruising, fractures are the second most common indicator of Non-Accidental Injury. Just as with bruises, fractures in the very young are causes of the most grave concern as, being non-mobile and lacking the required physical force, such a child is considered unable to inflict such injuries upon themselves.

Different types of injury can leave different fracture patterns on a child’s bones. A “bucket handle” fracture, where the corner of the metaphysis – the wider part at the end of a long bone – has been be torn, is suggestive of a child being pulled or wrenched. Fractures of the long bones of the legs prior to the age of walking are especially concerning. A spiral fracture in the bone shaft is indicative of a twisting injury, as opposed to a transverse fracture from direct impact. Rib fractures are suggestive of violent squeezing of an infant’s chest and are difficult to acquire due to a child’s flexible ribs; in fact fractures of the sternum, scapula, or spinous processes are unusual in infants.

What will raise a significant red flag for a paediatrician is the existence of multiple fractures at various stages of healing, indicative of numerous injuries sustained at different times.

The Solution To Your Non-Accidental Injury Case

If you have been accused of abusing or injuring your child, you must contact our specialist team today.

Whether you are merely under investigation for suspected abuse or injury, or whether this has moved forward into legal proceedings, we can provide the expert legal representation you need.

If you feel confused or upset with your current solicitor’s handling of your case and are looking to engage a specialist Non-Accidental Injury firm, fill out the form below or give us a call.

We will help you fight your case. Where we can, we will prevent your child being taken from you. Contact us today. Call us on 0121 683 5000, or complete the contact form below:

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