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Care Proceedings Flowchart

Children’s care proceedings can be complex and involved. There are various assessments, strategy discussions, enquiries and conferences; with decisions and outcomes every step of the way.

If you, as a parent, find yourself involved in the care proceedings procedure, it is good to know what is happening and what to expect.

More importantly, you need to be aware of at what stage in the proceedings you need to be turning to us here at Brendan Fleming for help.

And most importantly of all, you need to know how far you must not allow things to progress before taking action. There is a “point of no return,” beyond which there is little or nothing we are able to do for your case. It is vital that if the Local Authority instigates children’s proceedings, you contact us before matters get that far.

To help you understand what is happening as children’s care proceedings progress, exactly what Social Services are doing and what they are likely to do next, we have drawn up this flow chart to give you a simple, visual guide to what is occurring.

The flow chart is broken down into four levels of severity: from the initial stages, where no action is necessary unless matters progress further; through stages where there is a definite need to contact us and the stages where it has become vital that you turn to us for immediate assistance; all the way through to the final stages where there is little we can do other than offer you generic advice.

For further information regarding the various stages, follow through the links to the applicable articles on our website.

No matter at what stage of the care proceedings process you find yourself, if you are in need of a care proceedings solicitor,  find out what we can do to help you keep your family together:

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