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Though the divorce rate is currently running at its lowest in over a third of a century, it is still an unhappy fact that there are 10.5 divorcing people per thousand of the married population.

Though many couples do work to make their marriage a success, sometimes, having looked over all of the available options, the inevitable, if unfortunate, conclusion is that the only answer is to divorce.

Due, in no small part to recent courtroom dramas, the term “divorce” has become associated with unpleasant courtroom battles and lengthy legal disputes. In truth, however, with the proper legal guidance, and with some willingness and expenditure of effort, divorce need not be such a traumatic experience.

The key to an amicable divorce, allowing partners to part while retaining dignity and respect for themselves and each other, hinges upon finding the correct divorce lawyer.

At Brendan Fleming Solicitors, we pride ourselves in our expertise in the area of family law, one facet of which is the handling of divorce and separation. Based in Birmingham, our practice extends over the entire Midlands area: Wolverhampton, Coventry; and even so far afield as Derby and Nottingham.

Should you decide to have us represent you, you may rest assured that, whatever your situation, you will be dealt with in a caring and sympathetic manner by experienced solicitors working to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

We understand that a divorce or a separation is far from the easiest and least traumatic episode in a person’s life and we are always sensitive to the feelings of our clients at such times. We will balance the benefits of any steps taken on your behalf against the likely costs, both financial and emotional.

Our divorce team is led by Annette Woodall, a member of Resolution (formerly the Solicitor’s Family Law Association), who has a wide range of experience in all matters relating to family breakdown, particularly in respect to financial matters:


  • Divorce/judicial separation/annulment of marriage
  • Pensions
  • Business break-ups within divorce
  • Civil Partnership breakdowns
  • Contact and residence and financial provision disputes involving children
  • Co-habitation rights and agreements
  • Pre-nuptial and pre-registration agreements.

It is very important in handling such a sensitive area that you are comfortable with the solicitor you chose to represent you. The simplest way to see if we would be right for you would be to schedule a meeting, come in to see us and briefly discuss the situation you are in. Don’t be afraid to air whatever questions you may have, especially regarding our experience in divorce settlements. From our answers, you should gain a measure of confidence in the extent of our knowledge on the subject.

There really are no hard and fast rules in determining who can best represent you. It’s sometimes down to little more than instinct, a feeling that someone is right for you. But we believe that you should feel that we have your best interests at heart and that we will do our utmost for you and your case.

In truth, your divorce need not be a knock-down, drag-out affair. Once all is said and done, it would be nice for you and your partner to come out of the relationship unscathed and still able to be friends.

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