Testimonials and Thank You’s for Brendan Fleming

“Brendan was brilliant in court. He mediated the case very well, switching smoothly from being aggressive to mediating which resulted in the result I wanted.

“I am so happy that this fiasco has finally come to an end. I popped open the champagne last night to celebrate.

“It hasn’t quite sunk in yet! It was so well organised, it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

“I would definitely recommend Brendan Fleming to others.


– our client, Nik

“I was delighted with the way Brendan represented me at Court today. He ‘killed it’. Good work!”

Our client, Nigel

“Brendan has helped me before in the past. He’s brilliant! Always good. Exceptional. Everything I wanted.”

Our client, Kenny

“Brendan is brilliant, really good. He got me the result I wanted and continues to support me.”

Our client, Gary

“I’m happy with what Brendan’s put into place for me and found him to be really good.”

Our client, Nikita

“Brendan was great. Good service: gets to the point and makes it as easy as possible.”

Our client, Chris

“I was actually scared to walk into the office as I felt intimidated by Brendan’s reputation. But within 5 minutes of meeting Brendan I soon realised how friendly he is and I relaxed. When I contacted Brendan Fleming Solicitors I expected to hear within a week or so but was thrilled when I was contacted straight away and had an appointment the following day. I never expected that!”

Our client, Emma

“I approached Brendan Fleming because my previous solicitor was losing my case. Brendan kindly took the case on and since that day I have felt like a heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders. He gave me hope that my children would be returned home and has been nothing but the complete professional. He has travelled from Birmingham to the South Coast to represent us and  I totally understand why so many people recommend Brendan Fleming: he truly is one of the nice guys. I would recommend Brendan Fleming to anyone going through the situation that we have. Our whole family are eternally grateful to Brendan, what a guy!!”

Our client, K.R., West Sussex

“I came to Brendan Fleming Solicitors after speaking to a friend at my Sikh Gurdwara. I was devastated because my previous solicitor was losing my child. They didn’t care about my case and kept avoiding my calls. My friend told me to go to Social Services in Sandwell and they told me that the best practice by far is Brendan Fleming Solicitors and that they are scared of his name because he wins so many cases.

“Mr Fleming representing me put a big smile on my face. He is the best person ever and he is a god to me. His advice was phenomenal, sophisticated and untouchable. He made me almost certain my girl was coming home. You need your solicitor to support you and Brendan does that.

“Brendan didn’t hold back in court and challenged the case with style, class and professionalism. Brendan got the case thrown out of court and now I have my daughter home. Without Brendan, I wouldn’t have my kid and the previous solicitor said it would take 6 months. It took Brendan no time at all. I would recommend Brendan to the world: I would pay to have a sign promoting him put up outside my house.

“I am proud to have had a solicitor like Brendan Fleming. I have had experience with solicitors before and none of them compare to him. I would give him one million stars. He is the best of the best.”

Our client, Mr D. Singh

“My name is Tamika Green, a client of Brendan’s for the last 10 years. My experience with Brendan and the firm is a very positive one. Brendan himself usually has a busy schedule and he is quite often out and about in the courts and working other cases. This also shows his dedication and commitment in the job he does.

“Brendan is a very caring and understanding man, whilst being truthful and upfront with issues. You should never feel like holding back the truth from your solicitor. I understand some people would want to tell a few porkies, thinking it would do them good; but notr with Brendan: he is truthful and loyal.

“My experience in care was not good and the only person I do actually trust is Brendan. My daughter died in care at the hands of the social workers; they tried to get away with so much. Brendan is supporting me and helping me to get justice, not just for my daughter; but for other things, now I have a new bambino.

“Brendan puts a heck of a lot of his own time into his work and is working on weekends. Nevertheless, he works through the night too. Brendan has been a major support for myself, a lot of people will agree. I would recommend Brendan Fleming’s firm right round the West Midlands, because they have the best people.”

Our client, Tamika Green

“Very happy. Brendan was very good and very informative. I found him easy to talk to and to understand; he didn’t use confusing jargon.  Brendan is the best solicitor I have ever met and I would definitely recommend him to other people.”

Our client, Lisa

“Brendan has helped me a lot, explaining to me what I would have to do at the police station. I am very happy with the private consultation service, and will definitely use Brendan again: it’s very worthwhile.”

Our client, Lyn

“I was very impressed with Brendan. It’s very good that he sees people on a Saturday morning, especially because it’s easier for parking.  I was seen straight away and I found the consultation session very beneficial.”

Our client, Pauline

“Brendan is very reassuring and I liked it when he said he would keep the costs to a minimum for me.  After research, I found that most other solicitors were charging £150 – £200. Brendan is like a chocolate cake – you can’t wait to have a bit more!”

Our client, Shazma

“I am very happy. I received so much advice: more than I received in a whole year from my old solicitor.  It got my spirits up to think that Brendan is actually going to help me!”

Our client, Claire

“I am very happy, very relieved. Brendan is really good, and I feel a lot more positive now. It’s a relief to know that someone is dealing with my case properly.”

Our client, Mrs Nayart

”Brendan, you should be proud of yourself. Due to your professionalism, my son is at home. God bless you all. I am so happy now, thank you.”

Our client, M.C., Bromford

”Brendan: a massive thank you for all your support.”

Our client, L.L., Chelmsley Wood

”Brendan, just a simple note to say thank very much for the hard work of you and your team. You’ve helped me more than anyone else. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much.”

Our client, M.A., Small Heath

”I would like to say Brendan was very good and I appreciated how much has done for me.”

Our client, M.W., Highgate

”I would recommend Brendan Fleming to everyone. He gave me fantastic service.”

Our client, S.A., Newton

”Brendan is extremely good and helpful. Thank you so much for getting our kids home.”

Our client, L.H., Stechford

”Thank you, Brendan, for all your help. You were excellent.”

Our client, I.K., Erdington

”If I ever needed a solicitor again, I would want Brendan in my corner.”

Our client, A.C., Earlswood

”Brendan and his team are helpful in all situations. They always put me and my kids first.”

Our client, N.W., Stirchley

”Brendan, you are very reliable and helpful and you always do your best to win cases.”

Our client, V.H., Billesley

“He does everything he can for you. He is a really good solicitor and fights to the maximum for you.”

Our client, Tanya

“Brendan is a good person and you can talk to him about anything. I can contact Brendan by text easily and he always rings me back.”

Our client, Lisa

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