Testimonials and Thank You’s for Dawn Sweeney

“My husband and I appreciate very much all the support and hard work that both Dawn and Gemma gave us during what has been the most traumatic experience of our lives to date. It will never be forgotten….

“Despite never being directly accused of anything ourselves, we have had two of our children removed and in some way still feel as though we are guilty until proven innocent. It has been hard to comprehend.

“Perhaps I could give credit to your organization for being ‘that listening ear at a time in need,’ being readily available at all hours, going above and beyond the call of duty and supporting us. At times I’ve been sick of the sound of my own voice; God only knows how Dawn and Gemma must feel.

“They are a credit to your business, representatives to be proud of and they never fail to impress.

“A genuine thank you from us both.”

Our clients, Nathan and Caroline

“I am so confident in Dawn and Brendan. Every day I speak to them, I believe more and more that, one day soon, my daughter will be back home with me. They are very passionate about their jobs and I would recommend them to anyone as solicitors. I owe them so much already. They are fantastic.”

Our client, Faye

“Dawn is truly a wonderful person, she has gone the extra mile for me and my children; she is always at the end of the phone, anytime of day or night; and has worked relentlessly to get my children back home to me. She always made me feel hopeful and is a complete professional and warm human being. Dawn arranged an Independent Social Worker Assessment which was in our favour, for which I cannot thank her enough. I know that it is only due to Dawn and Brendan, along with the work that we have done as a family, that my children are coming home. I am so happy!!”

Our client, K.R., West Sussex

“Dawn is absolutely fantastic. I would never have got so far without her and now I am really close to getting my daughter back. I would not be where I am now without Dawn and Brendan. Dawn works every hour God sends to help your case. I keep recommending them to other people in my situation. Keep up the good work!”

Our client, Faye

“Dawn is absolutely wonderful. I wish we had gone with her from the start. Compared to her, our previous solicitors were ‘professional losers.’ I would definitely support an application for Dawn to be made employee of the week – she deserves it.”

Our client, Barbara

“I get on really well with Dawn; she will help me whatever the problem. We meet up every week. Her work is brilliant: I feel so much more support than I did from my previous solicitors. I’d definitely recommend her for employee of the week; she is a great solicitor.”

Our client, Lisa

“You have done so much for me and been there whenever I needed to speak. I have included a picture of my daughter which you can keep if you like as reminder of how happy you have made her mummy and how happy I am that I decided to go with your firm. Thank you so much, Dawn. There will never be enough I can do to repay you.”

Our client, Sarah

“Dawn, I can’t find the words to express how I feel about what you have done for my family. I can’t thank you enough. If only I knew than what I know now: that the most important thing is to have a good solicitor. And you are the best: I never would have got my boys back if it weren’t for you.I have learned so much in the short space of time in which you represented me. Thank you till the end of the numbers.”

Our client, Alison and family

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