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Re N (A Minor) [2014] EWFC 54

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In this case we represented a father.  Parents were accused of shaking their baby after he was presented to hospital with subdural haemorrhages and bilateral retinal haemorrhages.  Initially, the baby was placed in foster care but following a successful family assessment he was placed with the Maternal Grandparents.  The case was considered by the High Court.  A number of medical experts were instructed to assist the Court including a paediatrician, neurosurgeon, neuroradiologist, ophthalmologist, haematologist and a forensic pharmacologist.  After considering the evidence at the Finding of Fact Hearing the Court found the injuries had been sustained by accident by the mother in a state of panic when she believed that her child was not breathing and therefore feared that he was dying.  The Local Authority’s application for a Care Order was dismissed.  No Findings were made.  The child returned home to his parents.