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How Much is a Divorce from Brendan Fleming

Are You Daunted by Legal Fees?

Brendan Fleming’s Divorce Costs and Fees Explained


As you may know, there have been drastic cuts in government budgets, which means that very few hard-working families are eligible for legal aid for cases in relation to divorce, financial matters, and issues between them regarding their children or any other issues resulting from the breakdown of a marriage or other relationships. You can find out more about the average cost of a Divorce in the U.K here.


Taking the decision to separate from your partner is a worrying and emotional time. Of course, when advice is sought from a solicitor, you will be charged a fee for every action taken on your behalf.


We are no different, but we pride ourselves in being transparent with our fees. We will discuss with you at the initial meeting a way forward to meet the legal fees that you will invariably have. We are likely to be able to assist in most cases with arrangements for payment of fees, whether this is based on hourly rates, fixed fees, or a pay as you go agreement. 


Our initial fixed fee appointment is £100 plus VAT (£120), which gives you up to an hour of our time to discuss the issues that you have. This will include your divorce proceedings, but can also include your worries about the house, who pays the mortgage, and how much you may be entitled to in maintenance for you and your children. There may be a pension or business involved as well, so we will advise you about all those matters and guide you as to how to deal with these important matters. You also will meet face to face with the person dealing with your case from start to finish and establish a relationship with them from the start as we always aim to keep that continuity for you


We can discuss the costs with you and, where possible, will provide you with an agreed fee, which you will find is cheaper than most firms. We will issue your divorce petition for an agreed fee of £650 plus VAT and you will also need to pay the court fee, which is currently £550 unless you are on a low income and you may be able to apply to the court to be exempt from paying this fee.


If you have any other matters to deal with, we will agree with you how much work we will do initially and ask you to pay an agreed fee to cover that work. We can do this at each stage of your case so that you know where you are with costs and are not faced with a large bill at the end of your case.


If you prefer to pay monthly as you go along then we will always submit a monthly invoice to be paid upon receipt before incurring any further costs so that you are fully aware of the costs being incurred and the work done on your file each month.

With near 40 years of experience, Brendan Fleming solicitors are family law specialists based in Birmingham. Contact us today to speak to one of our divorce solicitors to learn more about how we can help you settle your divorce and get more information about our fees and prices.

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