Established in 1982, at Brendan Fleming Solicitors we specialise in Family Law, offering our clients expert legal advice in both Public and Private Law matters, including Care Proceedings, Non-Accidental Injury, Divorce & Children’s Proceedings and issues with Social Services.


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Non Accidental Injury Testimonials


Over the years, our specialist Non-Accidental Department have handled many cases where parents were accused of deliberately harming their children.

“Every member of staff that I have met at Brendan Fleming Solicitors has been professional and has been able to explain the legal processes and procedures in a way that I was able to understand what was happening.

“I would especially like to thank Zoe Brettle who has always found the time to talk and to reply to any of my concerns. Zoe has excellent communication skills; not only with myself, but also in forwarding information and knowledge of my case to colleagues representing me in court, so that all knew my case and my wishes regarding the future of my grandson.

“Zoe has always been positive, enthusiastic and professional, whilst remaining realistic about the outcome.

“I cannot thank the team enough for their support and understanding when I found myself in circumstances I never dreamt my family would be involved in. I only wish my daughter had chosen Brendan Fleming Solicitors to represent her, and maybe her future would have been more positive.

“Thank you again.”

our client, Mrs McG.


“I would like to thank Zoe for representing me, reassuring me and upholding my rights to the best of her capability. Having had a discussion with Zoe, I finally felt empowered and positive about getting my family back together.

“On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you for your excellent service from the start.”

our client, Mr M.


“Turning to Brendan Fleming Solicitors was the best thing I have ever done. They were supportive from the very beginning; they even listened to my moaning and were always understanding!

“I met Zoe Brettle and from the outset she helped me and my family get through a horrible ordeal. She was always at the end of the phone and always professional. I also made a friend. My partner and I can’t thank her enough.

“We would recommend Brendan Fleming Solicitors to anyone. You won’t find solicitors like this anywhere else. I couldn’t begin to put into words how brilliant these people are.

“Thank You, Zoe .”

Our client, Miss E.


Rebecca is brilliant and is very professional and is an asset to the company.  I have used other Solicitors in the past and you are far better than any other.  I admire Rebecca and she put herself out when the Local Authority kept sending and delaying important documents she went to the offices and collected them herself.  I would recommend Rebecca and the firm to anyone who needs help.

Our Client, Mr A


I was very happy with the outcome.  Sometimes I found things very difficult and thought that the process was long but in the end I got the result that I wanted.

Our Client, Mr B


Rebecca was amazing and she went out of her way to help her.  Rebecca would contact me whether it was evenings or weekends and whether this was a small enquiry she always helped if she could.  She would always ask how I was and how the children were and I felt that she could approach Rebecca and speak to Rebecca about anything.  I felt that I was not just a client and that Rebecca was very friendly and showed all interest in aspects of her life not just on legal matters.

Our Client, Miss F


I was very pleased with how quickly I was seen once making the call to Brendan Fleming Solicitors.  I was seen straight away and Rebecca reassured me that she would fight my corner.  She was very thorough and put across my case to the Courts.  I emailed quite a lot with questions and ideas and Rebecca never failed to respond to me more or less straight away even at night and weekends.  Rebecca was very caring and very approachable and I would recommend this firm to anybody who needed help.

Our Client, Mr F


Through Rebecca and Gemma and the rest of the team at Brendan Fleming our children were removed from the Child Protection Register and an apology was given from the Local Authority of how they handled our case.  We are so happy that this is finally over and we can move forward with our lives with our family altogether.  We are thankful for everything Rebecca and Gemma have done for us without the expertise and support I think there would have been a very different outcome and I really cannot thank Rebecca enough for helping them to get the children back at home where they belong.  Thanks again Hannah.

Our Client, Miss R


Rebecca was exceptionally amazing.  I could ask her any question 24/7 and she would get back to me.  She was very straight forward down the line and made sure that I understood everything that was being said to me and would go through things how many times was needed.  Rebecca was very friendly and supportive and if it was not for her I do not think that I would have got through the case.  I suffer from panic attacks and Rebecca would calm me down and make sure that I was all right.  Rebecca was very approachable and always supportive even at weekends.  I would definitely recommend Rebecca to any of my friends or family if they were ever in the situation I was in.  I would have given up if it was not for the support of Rebecca and the encouragement to continue.

Our Client, Miss S


Rebecca is fantastic and very good to work with. I would recommend Rebecca to anybody who needed help.  If Rebecca was unavailable she would either get back to me as soon as possible or if she was in Court she would get another member of staff to speak to me.  Rebecca is very honest and she would not tell me something that would not happen.  She was straight down the line and any information or documents needed she would send these out promptly.

Our Client, Miss W


Amazing.  Rebecca was and is amazing. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about how great she is and how hard she has worked for us.  ………. I’m sorry for getting emotional but Rebecca has treated us as though we were her friend, she has always been there for us.  It isn’t just a job to her, this was all just as important to Rebecca as it is to us. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone.”

Our Client, Miss W

Our client, Joanne

“Thank God we have solicitors who will work for us! I felt really happy with the appointment and felt really reassured by Rebecca and Brendan. I couldn’t sleep the night before, but felt much more at ease after the appointment. Both were really helpful and, by the service so far, I would thoroughly recommend Brendan Fleming Solicitors to others”

Our clients, Mrs LW and Miss KB

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