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The Importance of Getting the Right Expert

The Importance of Getting the Right Expert

There are many injuries that can give the appearance of having a non-accidental origin.
Sometimes it takes more than a general paediatrician to be able to tell the difference.


Sometimes the child’s injuries themselves may give rise to suspicions on the part of medical professionals. Other times, while the injuries may be quite innocuous, the explanation given by the parents as to how the injury may have occurred may seem somewhat suspicious or may not be consistent with the injuries displayed. It is in these circumstances that you can find yourself accused of causing Non-Accidental Injury and child protection services called in to take action.


Almost any type of injury can be attributable to a Non-Accidental Injury if the parents cannot adequately explain how the injury came about: from the most minor, such as bruising; through fractures and head trauma—so-called “shaken baby syndrome”; all the way to tragic instances of infant mortality.

Parents cannot watch their children all the time. Even when they are watching, it is hard to monitor all the tumbles, bumps and mishaps that can befall a toddler. The fact that a parent cannot immediately and effectively explain away every bruise that their child has sustained is not necessarily an indicator of foul play. Sometimes, a bruise is just a bruise.


There can also be a number of congenital conditions that can make a child’s body susceptible to injury which can give the appearance of Non-Accidental Injuries having been inflicted. Sometimes it can take other experts—not just a paediatrician—to spot the symptoms and see what the facts truly are.


Fortunately, we have the experience to know that such can occur. We also have the experience to know which experts to call upon to analyse the case and show that the evidence does not point to abuse but to something less sinister.

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