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Birmingham City Council v DM FI and Ors [2015] EWFC 25:

In this case we represented the mother. Her very young baby, who had suffered with a number of conditions since birth, was presented to hospital and examinations revealed subdural haemorrhages, bilateral retinal haemorrhages, fractures and bruising. The case was heard in the High Court. A number of experts were instructed to assist the Court as to the causation of these injuries including a Paediatric Radiologist, Paediatric Neuro-Surgeon, Neonatologist, Paediatric Ophthalmologist, Paediatrician and Paediatric Haematologist. No medical cause was identified for the cause of the injuries to the child. Father accepted that he was responsible for causing the fractures to the legs. The Court found that the father was also responsible for causing the other injuries to the child. Mother was found to have failed to protect. Read Full Judgement here.