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What Our Clients Say About Us


What our Clients say about Brendan and his staff:

When I first found and contacted Brendan at his firm Brendan solicitors, I had passed all possible hope and was in a desperate state. It was really touch-and-go as an entire week had been spent looking for a new representative and up to that point, I had been turned down by everyone I had approached. I can really say from the heart – and I can’t say it enough – that Brendan and whole team are one in a million. I have never experienced a professional firm or business that really put the phases of conduct into practice. They are really on your side and dedicated to you and your fight for justice. Brendan has such passion and conviction for what he does; and a true honesty and warmth I have rarely seen. It is so rare to meet someone – and to have them work for you – who is actually fighting for a cause with such conviction. You are never treated as a burden with Brendan. And he and his team go above and beyond to do anything and everything possible to fight for you and get you child home. It really does feel like you have their undivided attention! So far, in the time Brendan has represented me – and often at short notice – Brendan or one of the team have made very long journeys from their firm in Birmingham to Bournemouth to represent me; and at times even just to support me in reviews. I don’t know how I would have coped otherwise. Whenever Brendan is present at an important date, the sense of relief is enormous. And he always knows when to crack a joke to lighten the atmosphere, especially when you are in such a terrifying, alien environment – which court is to most everyday people. On top of this, someone is on the end of the phone 24/7 and is always reminding me that they are just a text or a phone call away it. It’s just unheard of; especially as my previous solicitor was NEVER available for days on end and I never had a mobile number from him! Brendan and his team really have the balance of the friend and guide in your darkest hour; and all the while this amazing professionalism and ability to just get things done the way it ought to be. I just know that mothers and fathers and grandparents like me appreciate what Brendan and the team do day in, day out (and at all hours of the night too) for our families and for us. I could not be more confident now being with the firm; especially looking back at where I was before Brendan represented me: it’s worlds away. I will always recommend Brendan above any other with complete confidence and without any doubt. One day my daughter will know what Brendan did for us and whatever happens, I will always be grateful to you all for everything you have done.

More was done in one appointment with Brendan than my previous solicitors did in nine.

I have had my 5 children removed from me. The day I came to Brendan Flemings for help, I passed out outside the office. I was in a very dark place and felt that suicide was my only answer. Today, because you listened to me, because you believed in me and because you supported me, I am now a far cry from the woman who first walked into your office. I have a positive outlook and I am thinking in terms of ‘when I have my children back. I know I have a fight in front of me but now I know I have someone in my corner who believes in me, which makes all the difference.

We have been exchanging e-mails with Denise Robertson from TV’s This Morning, who holds Brendan Fleming in the highest esteem. We sent several e-mails telling her of our situation with our 3 children being taken into foster care. She was very supportive & understanding of our circumstances. As a result of Denise’s help, Brendan took on our case at a very late stage, when no other solicitors were willing to proceed with matters further and for that we cannot thank him enough.

I know I have a fight in front of me but now I know I have someone in my corner who believes in me, which makes all the difference.

Brendan Flemings was recommended to me by a friend. I am so glad I followed the advice: I have 100% confidence in them.

The appointment went well and I feel happy that I have support from a reputable firm of solicitors. I would definitely recommend Brendan Fleming’s to others if they ever needed legal assistance.

I was happy with the advice given and I know and feel comfortable with the fact that I have done the right thing.

I am so happy with Brendan Flemings, I am over the moon! Brendan Flemings have been so supportive and attentive. All the legal advice I have been given has been really helpful; and I am prepared to take on board everything I have been told because I feel that it is all in the best interest of my daughter and I really want to be the best mum I can be.

The appointment with Brendan was good and all the advice given was great. I feel a lot better now that I have had legal advice and feel happy that I have people to support me: prior to coming to Brendan Flemings, I didn’t feel as though I had any support. I am very happy overall.

After being plunged into what can only be described as the most traumatic situation an innocent mother can experience, I made a call to Brendan Fleming solicitors. It turned out to be the best call I ever made. I was overwhelmed by the kind and friendly attitude of Sue Hayes who handled my call at a most unsociable hour and who gave me very practical advice at a time when I was highly emotional and not thinking straight. She gave me the strength to fight against a very confusing system and to get my daughter home where she belonged. Brendan Flemings were my solicitors from 1987 until 2001 and I couldn’t have wished for a more pro-active, professional team. Brendan himself was so reassuring during what was often a very stressful time of my life. My sincere thanks to him and all of his team. I have children who are, in the main, happy and well-balanced, now with children of their own. I am proud of them all and none of it would have been possible without you. Thank you.

My partner and I have been fighting for our child for just over 7 months with the help of Brendan Fleming and Vicky We have been able to turn to Vicky on a number of occasions when we have had problems with Social Services, or our bills, or our day-to-day problems. Whenever I have spoken to her she has been very kind and reassuring, patient and informative, offering her advice without judgement or malice. I have found her to be both a consummate professional and extremely helpful whenever we have spoken in regards to my son’s case. She is a person to whom I feel I can turn to get the answers I need, whatever time of day I may call. Nothing has been too much trouble and Vicky has offered us direct help with suggestions as to how our problems can be sorted out with little effort. Without being asked, she also provided me with documents I could send to the Benefits Appeal Service to postpone my appeal date. The judge consented to moving my hearing back for a few weeks. Without Vicky’s help this would not have been possible. Without this young lady, Brendan Fleming Solicitors would be missing a trainee solicitor, both charming and proficient, who will become an asset to this very professional team of legal advocates. Thank you for all your help, Vicky. I hope we will keep in touch and I will definitely forward any friends that might be in need of legal help to you and Brendan.

I watched the video of Brendan at the Stop Forced Adoption conference and thought ‘I want him to be my solicitor.’ After the appointment with Brendan, I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

I am very pleased with Brendan. He doesn’t fail you at all. You walk out of there more than happy. I am quite a nervous person but, with the way that Brendan is, I always feels so more assured.” Gemma was brilliant as well.

Brendan was straight to the point. I liked the fact that he was genuinely concerned about the costs to the client and, unlike other solicitors, didn’t just want to just take money for anything he could.

I thank you for your tolerance and understanding. Be assured, I take consolation in your continuing efforts on behalf of those in difficulty that you are able to help we need you doing what you do and can never adequately show our appreciation.

I was really impressed. I already knew about the reputation of Brendan Fleming and I am really happy with the service and how things have gone so far. I was particularly impressed with how quickly the letters went out and it has made me feel quite empowered!

The advice was really good and Brendan was very polite. I feel a lot better in myself and more reassured after my appointment with him.

The appointment and all of the advice given was helpful. I now feel like I have everything in motion and it is going well.

I was very happy with how the appointment went and the advice given was good. I have been passed onto a case worker and am very pleased with the work that she has done so far. We were in court the other day and I am very happy with the outcome of that.

Brendan fought extremely hard for my daughter; she would have been very proud of him had she been there in the court room: any child would be proud of they way he fought. Children everywhere should know what he did for my daughter. I had two previous solicitors, neither of whom fought for me; but Brendan did. Firstly, he believed in me when other solicitors didn’t; but secondly, he fought so hard on my behalf. He looked into my case and spotted vital things that the experts had missed. He fought with sheer hard work and determination. I have never seen a better family lawyer in my life and can’t thank him enough. I couldn’t have had anyone better and I would recommend him to every mother. This is more than just a job to him. I can’t get over it. All I can say is that he is an angel from Heaven.

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