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Accused of Non-Accidental Injury?

Brendan Fleming Solicitors* specialist Non-Accidental Injury team is here to help

Has your child been injured accidentally?
Explanation not accepted by the hospital?
Accused of non-accidental injury (NAI)?

Worried about your child being permanently removed from your care or potential adoption?

Then you have come to the right firm.

You will need a legal representative who is able to steer you through the proceedings of a non-accidental injury case and the nightmare you are about to face.

You will need help understanding the complex evidence so that you can present your non-accidental injury case in the best way possible before the Court. 

By visiting this page, rest assured that you have already taken the first step to giving yourself the very best chance of having your child returned to your care.


If your child has been injured, and that injury is said to be unexplained, then as a parent, or someone with parental responsibility, you may face court proceedings for alleged Non-Accidental Injury if the explanation for the injury is not accepted. 

If it is considered unsafe, you face being separated from your child until the court date and they could be placed outside your family with foster carers. Then worst case scenario, once investigations have completed and it is deemed unsafe for you child to remain in your care, they may not be returned to you, and adoption may be the outcome.

Here are Brendan Fleming, we work from the outset to get your child returned to your care and prevent the possibility of adoption. There are of course many alternatives to adoption and our team has great experience dealing with all such scenarios.

Are you an intervener? If you have been caring for a child within the timeframe of an unexplained injury, you may be invited to be an intervener in the court proceedings. We at Brendan Fleming regularly represent interveners in this position. Contact us now if you are in this position and need to speak to our specialist non-accidental injury team.

Our dedicated non-accidental injury department will do everything within its power to represent you. We will leave no stone unturned to unravel the truth behind the injuries and keep your family together.

The Brendan Fleming Solicitors non-accidental injury team has national reputation for good reason.

Non-accidental injury claims are some of the most serious allegations that you will face in care proceedings and they can be extremely complex. The Brendan Fleming non-accidental injury team are here to help.

Brendan Fleming himself has been representing families in care proceedings for over 30 years and has established a national reputation.

We have a specialised department exclusively dealing with alleged NAI claims.

The Non-Accidental Injury Team at Brendan Fleming

Rebecca Ward

Director, Head of Care & NAI, Children’s Law Accredited

Samantha Gallett

Legal Executive, Head of Private Law, Family Law Advanced Accredited

Ellie Satterthwaite

Solicitor, Associate

Natasha Satterthwaite

Solicitor, Associate

Steffi Butler

Family Law Caseworker, Associate

This team is headed by Rebecca Ward who has devoted the last 10 years almost exclusively to this area of law. She as been involved in many cutting edge cases, just like the one you are currently facing.

As the area of alleged NAI is ever growing, all legal representatives at Brendan Fleming will be happy to help you. If you would like to read more about our NAI team and the work we have done, click here to read more.

If you are a parent or someone with Parental Responsibility, legal aid will be non-means, non merits tested when in court. For anyone else or before court, please call to discuss the many options available.

Please do not delay in contacting the team as we need to move quickly to ensure we can start representing you with no delay. The quicker we are instructed, the quicker we can start helping you.

If your case has already started, it may not be too late to work with us as there is still chance that we can take over. Contact us to discuss the options that may be available.

Don't just take our word for it, hear from our happy clients

“Rebecca Ward from Brendan Fleming supported me all the way from the first meeting to the very end of the care proceedings. She went far and beyond. At the beginning I lost all hope of being reunited with my girls in my care again, but all that changed. There is always hope, especially when you have the right legal team behind you.” – SL

“Rebecca, thank you so much for all you’ve done to keep us as a family.” – Mrs C

“We thank you Sam for all your support and help with our case and taking my calls when worrying” – Mr & Mrs D

“Rebecca, thank you so much for all your help. You have been amazing and you have gone out of your way to help me as much as you could! I am so happy with the outcome so thank you again! – Ms D

“Rebecca, I just wanted to show you how grateful we are for all the hard work you are doing for us – especially for your constant support through all of this situation. You are AMAZING.” – Mrs W

“Rebecca, thank you so much for all of your hard work and determination to bring my children home! I could not have wished for a better person to represent me. The boys are doing brilliantly and we are all very happy and settled! I honestly could not find the words to thank you enough.” – Ms V

“A belated thanks to you Sam for all your help. Greatly appreciate how you looked after me and put up with my frequent emails and phone calls.” – Mr H

“Rebecca is brilliant and is very professional. She is an asset to the company. I have used other Solicitors in the past and you are far better than any other. I admire Rebecca and she put herself out when the Local Authority kept sending and delaying important documents – she went to the offices and collected them herself. I would recommend Rebecca and the firm to anyone who needs help.” – Mr A

“Rebecca would contact me whether it was evenings or weekends. Whether this was a small or big enquiry, she always helped if she could. I felt that I was not just a client and that Rebecca was very friendly and showed all interest in aspects of my life, not just on legal matters.” – Miss F

“I was very pleased with how quickly I was seen once making the call to Brendan Fleming Solicitors. I was seen straight away and Rebecca reassured me that she would fight my corner. She was very thorough and put across my case to the Courts. I emailed quite a lot with questions and ideas and Rebecca never failed to respond to me more or less straight away even at night and weekends.” – Mr F

“We are thankful for everything Rebecca and Gemma have done for us. Without their expertise and support, I think there would have been a very different outcome and I really cannot thank Rebecca enough for helping me to get the children back at home where they belong.” – Miss R

“Rebecca was exceptionally amazing. I could ask her any question 24/7 and she would get back to me. I would definitely recommend Rebecca to any of my friends or family if they were ever in the situation I was in. I would have given up if it was not for the support of Rebecca and the encouragement to continue.”  – Miss S

“I’d like to thank you again Sam for all of your hard work in helping us.” – Ms Y

“Rebecca was and is amazing. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about how great she is and how hard she has worked for us….I’m sorry for getting emotional but Rebecca has treated us as though we were her friend. It isn’t just a job to her, this was all just as important to Rebecca as it is to us. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone.” – Miss W

“Thank you so so much Sam for all your help and support throughout case and beyond. Thank you.” – Mr Y

“Thank God we have solicitors who will work for us! I felt really happy with the appointment and felt really reassured by Rebecca and Brendan. Both were really helpful and, by the service so far, I would thoroughly recommend Brendan Fleming Solicitors to others” –  Mrs LW and Miss KB

We are also honoured to have received high praise from Barrister's over the years.

“Rebecca Ward has a national reputation as a solicitor acting in non-accidental injury cases for parents. She has always impressed me with her ability to strike up a rapport with her clients and the opponents in cases. She is regularly seen in cases as the person who gets things done. Her attention to detail is phenomenal. In my experience Rebecca’s clients can rely on her to give them realistic advice at the outset of their cases and she will ensure that the client’s interests are robustly presented throughout. Rebecca’s immense skill in her chosen sphere ensures that she makes a real difference for her clients.” – Vanessa Meachin QC, 3PB

“As a barrister representing parents in cases in which non-accidental injury is alleged I breathe a sigh of relief when I am instructed by Rebecca Ward and the team at Brendan Fleming. I know that the client will have received sympathetic and sensible advice about their case. I know that the right experts will have been identified to assist in the case and I know that because Rebecca and her team specialise in these types of cases, the experts they approach will be known to them as helpful and objective witnesses. I’ve experience of Rebecca with her clients in conference with me I so I know, first hand, that the clients get straightforward and sensible advice.” – Stephen Abberley , 3PB

“Rebecca Ward’s attention to detail and ability to build a close working relationship with the client and the barristers she instructs makes her an obvious “go to” solicitor for complex Non-Accidental Injury and Fabricated or Induced Illness cases. She works exceptionally hard for her clients, has a forensic approach, and always goes the extra mile in case preparation. The breadth of Rebecca’s specialist knowledge in these cases makes her really stand out.’”– Steven Howard, 3PB

“Rebecca has a hugely successful national practice dealing with allegations of child death, non-accidental injury and all forms of child abuse. She has a well-established reputation for achieving outstanding results for her clients. She takes time to get to know her clients (parents and carers) and to understand how their individual backgrounds and circumstances have contributed to the issues in the case. She has excellent working relationships with world class medical experts and ensures that they are instructed whenever required. In parallel, she briefs specialist barristers who she considers best able to represent her clients throughout the proceedings and at trial. Her clients can expect a truly exceptional standard of care.” Lucy Hendry, 3PB

“I have known Rebecca in my professional capacity as a barrister for well over 10 years. I have worked with many other professional in this field and Rebecca’s expertise and experience is second to none. Rebecca has a fundamental grasp of both the complex medical and legal issues at play in these complex cases and has the ability to relay that to her clients in an understandable and “user friendly” manner. I would have no problem in making it clear that she is quite clearly one of the best, and certainly “go to solicitors”, in practice in the complex area of physical trauma allegedly caused to children by adults.” – Dorian Day, 3PB Barristers

“Rebecca is a real expert in non accidental injury cases.  She is fully committed to each and every client, she goes the extra mile to ensure that clients are always kept fully informed about their case and understand what is happening at each and every stage. She has a remarkable depth of knowledge about medical issues and is always able to quickly identify the real issues in a case. For a parent accused of injuring a child they could not have better representation.” – Carolyn Jones, St Philips Chambers

Finally, let us leave you with our Ten Commandments about the most important people at Brendan Fleming Solicitors - YOU.


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