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A family judge's opinion of what parents have to suffer from care proceedings...

“I am a passionate believer in the value of adoption in appropriate circumstances… But I fear that, in making all those orders, I never gave much attention to the emotional repercussions of them. In particular I fear that I failed fully to appreciate that an adoption order is not just a necessary arrangement for the upbringing of some children… the order is an act of surgery which cuts deep into the hearts and minds of at least four people and will effect them, to a greater or lesser extent, every day of their lives…”
– Lord Wilson Denning Society Lecture, 13th November 2014

Brendan Fleming was known as the parents’ champion.

“The only solicitor to stand up to local authorities.” – The Telegraph

Here at Brendan Fleming Solicitors we are passionate about care proceedings, representing both parents and children, offering not only legal representation within all aspects of the case and to support and guide you throughout what is likely to be a complex and emotional journey.

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Let us help you stand up against the allegations of social services and to fight to avoid the worst case of your child being placed for adoption outside of the family and severing all ties to the biological family. Let us help you to prevent this heartache.

Brendan Fleming himself was a solicitor for care proceedings in excess of 40 years with an established national reputation. All staff at Brendan Fleming Solicitors continue to work across the country on a variety of matters. Our solicitors specialise in all aspects of care proceedings whether this be allegations of physical harm, emotional harm, sexual abuse, neglect – the list is endless

We are open 24/7 to help you keep your children in your family. Let us help you.

Our dedicated care proceedings team will do everything within its power to represent you.

We will leave no stone unturned.

Legal aid is free if you are a parent or someone with parental responsibility within care proceedings. Legal aid is also available in limited circumstances for other family law matters

Please do not delay in contacting the team as we need to move quickly to ensure that we can start representing you without delay. The quicker we are instructed, the quicker we can start helping you.

If your care proceedings case has already started, it may not be too late to work with us as there is still chance that we can take over. Contact us to discuss the options that may be available.

Don't just take our word for it, hear from our happy clients

“I can really say from the heart – and I can’t say it enough – that Brendan and whole team are one in a million. I have never experienced a professional firm or business that really put the phases of conduct into practice. They are really on your side and dedicated to you and your fight for justice.” – Rebecca

“After being plunged into what can only be described as the most traumatic situation an innocent mother can experience, I made a call to Brendan Fleming solicitors. It turned out to be the best call I ever made. I was overwhelmed by the kind and friendly attitude of Sue Hayes who handled my call at a most unsociable hour and who gave me very practical advice at a time when I was highly emotional and not thinking straight. She gave me the strength to fight against a very confusing system and to get my daughter home where she belonged.” – Ms. H.

“I was devastated because my previous solicitor was losing my child. They didn’t care about my case and kept avoiding my calls. My friend told me to go to Social Services in Sandwell and they told me that the best practice by far is Brendan Fleming Solicitors and that they are scared of his name because he wins so many cases. Mr Fleming representing me put a big smile on my face. He is the best person ever and he is a god to me. His advice was phenomenal, sophisticated and untouchable. He made me almost certain my girl was coming home. You need your solicitor to support you and Brendan does that. Brendan didn’t hold back in court and challenged the case with style, class and professionalism. Brendan got the case thrown out of court and now I have my daughter home.” – Mr Singh

“My partner and I have been fighting for our child for just over 7 months with the help of Brendan Fleming and Vicky. We have been able to turn to Vicky on a number of occasions when we have had problems with Social Services, or our bills, or our day-to-day problems. Whenever I have spoken to her she has been very kind and reassuring, patient and informative, offering her advice without judgement or malice. I have found her to be both a consummate professional and extremely helpful whenever we have spoken in regards to my son’s case. She is a person to whom I feel I can turn to get the answers I need, whatever time of day I may call.” – Mr and Mrs G.

“I watched the video of Brendan at the Stop Forced Adoption conference and thought ‘I want him to be my solicitor.’ After the appointment with Brendan, I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.” –  Zenat

“I have had my 5 children removed from me. The day I came to Brendan Flemings for help, I passed out outside the office. I was in a very dark place and felt that suicide was my only answer. Today, because you listened to me, because you believed in me and because you supported me, I am now a far cry from the woman who first walked into your office. I have a positive outlook and I am thinking in terms of ‘when I have my children back. I know I have a fight in front of me but now I know I have someone in my corner who believes in me, which makes all the difference.” – Ms B.

“We have been exchanging e-mails with Denise Robertson from TV’s This Morning, who holds Brendan Fleming in the highest esteem. We sent several e-mails telling her of our situation with our 3 children being taken into foster care. She was very supportive & understanding of our circumstances. As a result of Denise’s help, Brendan took on our case at a very late stage, when no other solicitors were willing to proceed with matters further and for that we cannot thank him enough.” – Mr & Mrs J.

“Brendan fought extremely hard for my daughter; she would have been very proud of him had she been there in the court room: any child would be proud of they way he fought. Children everywhere should know what he did for my daughter. I had two previous solicitors, neither of whom fought for me; but Brendan did. He looked into my case and spotted vital things that the experts had missed. I have never seen a better family lawyer in my life and can’t thank him enough. I would recommend him to every mother.” – Miss A.

“I needed to change solicitors and was unsure if I would be able to find someone suitable. The appointment was brilliant and I am really happy with how it went. I feel confident that Brendan Fleming’s can really help me to get the result that I want.” – Ms S.

“Brendan was fantastic! I found him to be very understanding about the whole situation. I was really worried before I went to see Brendan, but I found him very helpful and am pleased with him.” – Ms T.

“Really, really excellent, I had bad experiences with other solicitors which knocked my confidence but Brendan has restored my confidence so much so I recommended my friend to Brendan Fleming Solicitors.” – Joanne

“Brendan has been absolutely brilliant. Really helpful during this difficult time and did everything he possibly could to make sure we had the best possible outcome on the day. In short, fantastic.” – Jason

“This is to thank all the members of your firm that have helped over the last few years. You are all fab at your jobs, from Faye right through to Brendan. You have put my mind at ease at every stage of the proceedings. Well done and THANK YOU for getting my son home. It is something neither I nor my family will ever forget.” – Emma and family

“Hi Natasha. I was a little overwhelmed earlier, I didn’t know what to say. We have just broken the news to the boys and they have cried their little hearts out (happy tears, of course). I just want to thanks you Natasha for all of the hard work that you put into us. You are amazing and I cannot thank you enough for everything” – Rebecca

“Brendan Fleming Solicitors have always treated my family as family and that’s special to us. Thank you again, Brendan.”  D.S.

“I would certainly recommend any parent who was having difficulty with parental access to contact Brendan Fleming Solicitors. They dealt with my case with care and a great understanding of what was needed. No stone was unturned.” – M.M

“I approached Brendan Fleming because my previous solicitor was losing my case. Brendan kindly took the case on and since that day I have felt like a heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders. He gave me hope that my children would be returned home and has been nothing but the complete professional. He has travelled from Birmingham to the South Coast to represent us and I totally understand why so many people recommend Brendan Fleming: he truly is one of the nice guys. I would recommend Brendan Fleming to anyone going through the situation that we have. Our whole family are eternally grateful to Brendan, what a guy!!” – K.R., West Sussex

What does the legal aid agency think of us?

Head of contracts at legal aid agency says "overall compliance and contractual requirements and its not the case that such high levels of compliance are achieved by the majority of firms."

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