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Are you suffering from domestic abuse?

Brendan Fleming Solicitors* is the answer. You have come to the right place to get domestic abuse help.

Brendan Fleming Limited has been looking after victims of Domestic Abuse for 50 years

In the early days, Brendan Fleming himself was arm in arm with Women’s aid on the picket line in Edgbaston, Birmingham when they were demonstrating for the Provision of Women’s Refuges. He would take clients to places of safety like convents and hostels for the homeless, until he could get an injunction to give them protection. Later he was the solicitor on the Birmingham Domestic Abuse Forum where he fought for the provision of housing and safe hostels for domestic abuse victims. He provided a Creche at the offices to looks after the client’s children whilst they went to court with him.

During this time, Brendan Fleming helped to shape the law and procedures about injunctions and he trained his staff to follow in his footsteps.

Here are Brendan Fleming Solicitors, this ethos continues throughout.

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Don't just take our word for it, hear from our happy clients

“I am very pleased with Brendan. He doesn’t fail you at all. You walk out of there more than happy. I am quite a nervous person but, with the way that Brendan is, I always feels so more assured. Gemma was brilliant as well.” – Mrs W.

“In two words, I can describe Brendan Fleming Solicitors: absolutely brilliant. I was so scared at first at seeing a solicitor, but Brendan is such a brilliant guy. I didn’t expect someone who was so down to earth. I was made to feel comfortable. I cant thank Brendan Fleming Solicitors enough for seeing me so soon. The weight of the world really has been lifted from my shoulder.” – Scarlette

“Brendan was fantastic! I found him to be very understanding about the whole situation. I was really worried before I went to see Brendan, but I found him very helpful and am pleased with him.” – Ms T.

“I’m very grateful for all the support you gave and for believing in me. Within two minutes of my contacting Brendan, I was booked in to see him that very same day. You are great people. Just ‘Thank you’ will never be enough.” – Rushell

“The advice was really good and Brendan was very polite. I feel a lot better in myself and more reassured after my appointment with him.” – Miss E.

“I found the appointment to be really good and am very confident with Brendan.” – Mr L.

“I am really happy with how the appointment went. I was unsure to begin with whether or not I should get legal advice from a solicitor; but after my appointment with Brendan I feel that I have definitely done the right thing. Brendan has given me exactly the advice I needed.” – Ms D.

“Brendan has been absolutely brilliant. Really helpful during this difficult time and did everything he possibly could to make sure we had the best possible outcome on the day. In short, fantastic.” – Jason

“It was good. When arriving for the appointment, everyone was very welcoming. When speaking with Brendan, everything was well explained and everything was made clearer and everything he said, I agreed with. Going by the service so far, Brendan Flemings is a firm that I will definitely be recommending!” – Mr S.

“I received all the information I needed and more. Brendan was straight to the point. Seeing Brendan was fast, invaluable and I didn’t expect to get quite that much information for such a good cost!” – Louise

“More was done in one appointment with Brendan than my previous solicitors did in nine.” – Jonathan

“Brendan was straight to the point. I liked the fact that he was genuinely concerned about the costs to the client and, unlike other solicitors, didn’t just want to just take money for anything he could.” – Mr B.

“How can you improve on perfection? You could not, and would not, find a better solicitor anywhere in Birmingham. Samantha – this was a very hard time for me but, with your help and support I feel it was dealt with in the most comfortable manner possible Please continue what you are doing. It’s a great service and good support. Thank you.” – Geeta

“I was really impressed. I already knew about the reputation of Brendan Fleming and I am really happy with the service and how things have gone so far. I was particularly impressed with how quickly the letters went out and it has made me feel quite empowered!” – Ms M.

“The appointment with Brendan was good and all the advice given was great. I feel a lot better now that I have had legal advice and feel happy that I have people to support me: prior to coming to Brendan Flemings, I didn’t feel as though I had any support. I am very happy overall.” – Ms B.

“Brendan is brilliant, really good. He got me the result I wanted and continues to support me.” – Gary

“The appointment went very well. Brendan explained everything, so I feel that I have a better understanding of what’s going on with my case. I would definitely recommend the firm to others.” – Ms W.

“Really, really excellent, I had bad experiences with other solicitors which knocked my confidence but Brendan has restored my confidence so much so I recommended my friend to Brendan Fleming Solicitors.” – Joanne

“Very happy. Brendan was very good and very informative. I found him easy to talk to and to understand; he didn’t use confusing jargon. Brendan is the best solicitor I have ever met and I would definitely recommend him to other people.” – Lisa

“Excellent! Very impressed with getting an appointment so quickly and all the staff I dealt with were great.” – Chantelle

“I received so much help and advice in such a short space of time. I’ve since been given lots of support and feel relieved. Thank you.” – Primrose

“If I ever needed a solicitor again, I would want Brendan in my corner.” – A.C.

 “A very friendly and professional solicitor. I feel as though I am in safe hands.” – Amjad

We are also honoured to have received high praise from Barrister's over the years.

Finally, let us leave you with our Ten Commandments about the most important people at Brendan Fleming - YOU.


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The quicker we are instructed, the quicker we can help you.

We give the best service as we've got the best people.