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Established in 1982, at Brendan Fleming Solicitors we specialise in Family Law, offering our clients expert legal advice in both Public and Private Law matters, including Care Proceedings, Non-Accidental Injury, Divorce, Children’s Proceedings and issues with Social Services.


Care Proceedings

Here at Brendan Fleming Solicitors we are proud of our team of dedicated and specially trained caseworkers who will provide a professional and friendly service throughout, and our team will be understanding of the difficult situation you may find yourself in.

Non-Accidental Injury

If you have been plunged into the nightmare of being accused of physically abusing your child, you have come to the right place. The NAI department is committed to providing justice for parents who have been accused of physically harming their children.

Domestic Abuse

Brendan Fleming Solicitors are able to handle your case sensitively and confidentially providing a UK wide service, we can act quickly on your behalf to give tailored advice and apply for the appropriate protection for you and your children.

Child Arrangements

The breakdown of a marriage be it separation or divorce can be hard for children as much as for parents. At Brendan Fleming Solicitors we have forged a stellar reputation for our knowledge and action in the area of children’s proceedings and matters relating to child arrangements.

Divorce & Financial Remedy

We are a highly experienced bespoke family team of divorce & financial remedy caseworkers, who have a wealth of experience in all areas of family law such as dealing with property, pensions and business as well as any issues regarding your children and have over many years achieved excellent results.

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