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Child Arrangements

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Brendan Fleming Limited has a long and proud history of representing parents when it comes to their children.

Brendan Fleming himself was on the steering committee of the Birmingham Conciliation Service and helped set it up. He was also on the forum for Birmingham City Council and advocated accommodation for parents and children caught up in breakdown of relationships and fought for the rehousing of families wanting to make a fresh start. This passion to help families remains the key focus of all staff within Brendan Fleming Limited and you can benefit from this extensive expertise to resolve disputes concerning children, whether this be in respect of where they should live, who they should spend time with and many other varying issues.

The firm has helped parents in respect of children’s matters for over 40 years. Let us guide you through this difficult process with a careful, skilled and safe set of hands.

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With various options available from legal aid (eligibility being means and merits tested) to private paying depending on the circumstances, CONTACT US to discuss options that may be available.

We pride ourselves on affordable charge out rates. We work on fees based and tailored to your specific needs, agreeing a fee structure with you directly, with no hidden charges, as your case proceeds

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“I just know that mothers and fathers and grandparents like me appreciate what Brendan and the team do day in, day out (and at all hours of the night too) for our families and for us. I could not be more confident now being with the firm; especially looking back at where I was before Brendan represented me: it’s worlds away. I will always recommend Brendan above any other with complete confidence and without any doubt.” – Rebecca

“I am very pleased with Brendan. He doesn’t fail you at all. You walk out of there more than happy. I am quite a nervous person but, with the way that Brendan is, I always feels so more assured.” Gemma was brilliant as well.” – Mrs W.

“Brendan was straight to the point. I liked the fact that he was genuinely concerned about the costs to the client and, unlike other solicitors, didn’t just want to just take money for anything he could.” – Mr B.

“I thank you for your tolerance and understanding. Be assured, I take consolation in your continuing efforts on behalf of those in difficulty that you are able to help we need you doing what you do and can never adequately show our appreciation.” – Mr S.

“I know I have a fight in front of me but now I know I have someone in my corner who believes in me, which makes all the difference.” – Ms B.

“I was really impressed. I already knew about the reputation of Brendan Fleming and I am really happy with the service and how things have gone so far. I was particularly impressed with how quickly the letters went out and it has made me feel quite empowered!” – Ms M.

“Brendan Fleming was recommended to me by a friend. I am so glad I followed the advice: I have 100% confidence in them.” – Mrs L.

“The advice was really good and Brendan was very polite. I feel a lot better in myself and more reassured after my appointment with him.” – Miss E.

“The appointment went well and I feel happy that I have support from a reputable firm of solicitors. I would definitely recommend Brendan Fleming’s to others if they ever needed legal assistance.” – Mr F.

“The appointment and all of the advice given was helpful. I now feel like I have everything in motion and it is going well.” – Mr B.

“I was happy with the advice given and I know and feel comfortable with the fact that I have done the right thing.” – Miss R.

“I was very happy with how the appointment went and the advice given was good. I have been passed onto a case worker and am very pleased with the work that she has done so far. We were in court the other day and I am very happy with the outcome of that.” – Mr I.

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