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A note from Brendan

“I have been prepared to work my entire legal career for low rates of pay representing the less well off.

I look at other members of my profession who charge £250-400 pounds per hour for civil, family and corporate clients. This is fine is you have a large pot of money behind you, but I totally disagree with these hourly rates for an ordinary family.”

– Brendan Fleming

Welcome to Brendan Fleming Solicitors

Brendan Fleming broke all the rules when he set up his firm in 1982 with regard to the image of solicitors.

Typical comments from other solicitors at the time:

“He talks like a common Brummie, is he really qualified?”
“He actually sees people without an appointment!”
“He has a creche in his office, we must report him to the Law Society.”
“I have heard he calls clients by their first name!”
“He allows staff to call him by his first name!”
“He gets into work before his staff and leave after them!”
“He does not allow his staff to drink alcohol at lunch.”
“I have heard he’s even open on Saturdays!”

“Have you heard is advert on the radio?!”

Brendan kicked up quite a storm!

He was in fact reported to the Law Society for having a creche in his offices and faced the charge. It was claimed that he was unfairly attracting clients by the provision of care for their children.

Brendan received a summons to appear before the Law Society in London. His defence was simple:

“Please see tonight’s Evening Mail.”

The press had written a large article about Brendan and taken his defence stating that surely it could not be wrong to provide such a great facility for clients? They printed that the Law Society should be ashamed of themselves for ever considering such a malicious complaint.

The case was dismissed without a hearing.

It is now 2020 and Brendan is still looking after his clients with the same passion and dedication with the determination that low income families can benefit from his expertise and help.

“Brendan is like a chocolate cake – you can’t wait to have a bit more!”

“I watched the video of Brendan at the Stop Forced Adoption conference and thought ‘I want him to be my solicitor.”

“I am very pleased with Brendan. He doesn’t fail you at all.”

“Brendan was straight to the point. I liked the fact that he was genuinely concerned about the costs to the client and, unlike other solicitors, didn’t just want to just take money for anything he could.”

“Brendan fought extremely hard for my daughter; she would have been very proud of him had she been there in the court room: any child would be proud of they way he fought.”

“How can you improve on perfection? You could not, and would not, find a better solicitor anywhere in Birmingham.”

“Really, really excellent, I had bad experiences with other solicitors which knocked my confidence but Brendan has restored my confidence so much.”

“Super service. Brendan saw me on Sunday in addition to Saturday at no extra cost.”

“We spent a long time looking for a family solicitor and Brendan Fleming Solicitors went over and above anything we could ever have expected.”

Why choose us?

We are a legal aid firm and offer legal aid.
Most of the work we do is legal aid and many of our clients do not have the worry of having to afford to cover our costs. We are often approached by families who do not qualify for legal aid but find legal fees beyond them. We agree. So that is why we are determined to work at affordable rates to help low income working families.

If Brendan Fleming sounds like the person you would like fighting in your corner, then contact us today.

Brendan Fleming has crafted the firm's Ten Commandments, explaining that the most important people at Brendan Fleming are THE CLIENTS.


Email: info@brendanfleming.co.uk
Telephone: 0800 999 1408

165 Newhall Street
St. Paul’s Square
Birmingham B3 1SW

The quicker we are instructed, the quicker we can help you.

We give the best service as we've got the best people.

Employee Of The Year

So, the year is out and I thought it would be a good time to announce, EOTY!!!!

The Employee who snatched the crown was……

Natasha Satterthwaite!

Well done NS 😊 XXX

Natasha Satterthwaite

Employee Of The Year

Meet The Team

Rebecca Ward

Associate Solicitor
Head of Non-Accidental Injury Department

Annette Woodall


Gemma Hyett

Client Care and New Business Executive

Julie Young

Family Law Caseworker

Samantha Gallett

Legal Executive – Family Law Advanced Accredited – Associate Lawyer

Ellie Satterthwaite


Natasha Satterthwaite


Varun Lal - Trainee Solicitor

Varun Lal

Trainee Solicitor

Hannah Street


Dawn Sweeney

Family Law Caseworker

Alexandra Pearson

Family Law Caseworker

Steffi Butler

Family Law Caseworker

Jack Miller-Flynn

Family Law Caseworker

Indiya Kainth - Paralegal

Indiya Kainth


Kerys Smith - Paralegal

Kerys Smith


Tyller Leek-Doyle - Trainee Solicitor

Tyller Leek-Doyle

Trainee Solicitor

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