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LB Hounslow v M and F 17 December 2015 [2015] EWFC B214

In this case we represented a mother who had been accused of causing subdural and retinal haemorrhages to her son.  The family claimed that the injuries were caused followed the child pulling himself up on a washing basket and falling backwards and hitting his head.  This was not accepted by the hospital.  Experts were instructed including a paedaitirican, neurosurgeon, neuroradiologist and ophthalmologist.  The case proceeded to a finding of fact hearing.  2 other family members were intervened into the proceedings.  Upon hearing evidence, the court concluded that the injuries had bene caused by the short fall as described by the family and that this was an unfortunate event in which the child had been an outlier.  As such, the child was returned to the care of his mother under a Supervision Order.