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Where it all began

The History of Brendan Fleming

Brendan Fleming, aged 75, passed away unexpectedly on 31 December 2023 at his family home in Omagh, Northern Ireland.

Brendan was born in 1948 in Ireland to parents, Patricia and Edward Fleming.

At the age of 4 years old, Brendan and his family moved to Small Heath, Birmingham, and was educated at the Holy Family Catholic School before later attending a private Catholic school in Dumfries, where he was taught by a religious order. It was this school that Brendan would credit his successes to. Following his time in Dumfries, Brendan then studied in Germany at a Monastery and whilst many believed he was destined to become a Monk, Brendan believed his path would be different. For this reason, Brendan later returned to Birmingham where he started his legal journey in his teens. Brendan first worked with a local law firm, Eagle & Boyers, and from there he then joined Howard Wynchenk & Co based on Corporation Street, Birmingham. In 1982, Mr Wynchenk announced his intention to retire and to sell the business and so Brendan invested his entire savings and everything he had in order to purchase the practice- this was the start of the new business known as Brendan Fleming & Co Solicitors*.

Throughout his entire career, Brendan’s ethos was to represent the ‘working man’ and those most vulnerable within society. He did not like the idea of families being charged excessive fees to gain access to legal advice and so he developed a legal aid practice with a nationwide reputation, pioneering fixed fee consultations for clients who did not qualify for legal aid. Brendan also ran a hugely successful annual campaign highlighting the importance of making a Will, enabling many clients to make a Will for the modest sum of £0.01p.

By the 1990’s, Brendan had offices across Birmingham, which included the City Centre, Chelmsley Wood, Northfield and Castle Vale. He had a large Family practice as well as covering other areas of law, such as Conveyancing, Wills and Probate, Civil Litigation, Crime, Housing and Welfare Benefits. By this time, Brendan had also set up a specialist Domestic Abuse Suite where the victims of domestic abuse could seek advice and support in comfortable surroundings. He regularly ran advertisements on BRMB radio, advertising the service, which led to the then Head of the team becoming the ‘voice of the business’. The City Centre and Chelmsley Wood offices both had a crèche that was run by qualified nursery nurses enabling parents to attend for appointments or Court without the worry of having to find appropriate childcare. For a time, Brendan even had an onsite chef providing meals for his employees! Brendan’s success and reputation spread across the globe which, at a time, led to him nearly becoming the subject of a Hollywood movie with Tom Cruise being expected to play Brendan, following his representation of British youngsters on death row in Thailand.

Brendan’s working ethic was a simple one; ‘play the game, but play to win’. His good humour meant that this slogan appeared on mugs and t-shirts, with such t-shirts being worn by his employees at match days of the small local football clubs that Brendan sponsored.

During the noughties, Brendan downsized and moved his offices to Newhall Street, in the Jewellery Quarter. The practice now specialises in Children’ Law, both Public and Private with a smaller department to deal with Divorce and Finances.

Brendan prided himself on offering a down to earth, affordable legal service where the client was King. He believed in his clients and often provided practical support as well as legal advice throughout their journey with the firm.

Both publicly and privately, Brendan was a raconteur who loved to talk and entertain. However, at heart, he was a committed public service lawyer who worked very hard in all that he did.

His death was sudden and difficult to accept, especially by those who had witnessed him working all over the most recent Christmas period, right up to the day before his passing.

Brendan was ‘an institute in Birmingham’ and we will not see his like again. He truly was a unique and exceptional solicitor, a formidable boss, an inspiring and trusted mentor, and an unwavering friend. He will be much missed by all that had the pleasure and honour of knowing him. He leaves behind a practice with a national reputation in the field of Childrens’ law and for those that continue to work at Brendan Fleming Solicitors they will no doubt maintain his commitment, determination, and passion to ensure that his legacy continues.


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