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Accidental Injuries

In this case we represented the mother.  One of the children had sustained subdural and retinal haemorrhages, fractures and bruising.  It was considered that the injuries were non-accidental in nature.  The parents were in the pool of perpetrators.  The case proceeded to a finding of fact hearing whereby further evidence was provided by the geneticist which required further testing of the child.  Upon further testing, the child was found to have a connective tissue disorder.  It was accepted by the paediatrician and neurosurgeon that this could have made the child more fragile and thus vulnerable to injury.  The father had described a fall a few days prior to the admission to hospital.  It was accepted by the court at a finding of fact hearing that the cause of the injuries to the little boy was accidental and as such the case was dismissed and both children were returned to the care of their parents.