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Injuries to Children Leads to Family Concerns

In this case we represented a mother.  There were 4 children.  One child had sustained burns to the hands and another child had sustained fractures.  A radiologist and paediatrician were instructed to report on the case.  A Fact-Finding Hearing was held in which another family member was intervened as being a potential perpetrator for the causation of the fracture.  The Court concluded that the father was responsible for the burns and that he had been reckless in regard to causation and the seeking of medical treatment.  The Court could not determine between the father and the family member as to who caused the fracture to the other child.  Mother was exonerated.  The children had remained in the care of the mother since the commencement of the proceedings.  Father moved out of the property and following a risk assessment after the Finding of Fact Hearing he was allowed to return to the family home over a period of time.  A Supervision Order was made for 12 months.