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It is with deep sadness that we announce the sudden and unexpected passing of Brendan Fleming.

It is with deep sadness that we announce the sudden and unexpected passing of Brendan Fleming, the esteemed principal of Brendan Fleming Solicitors.

All at Brendan Fleming Solicitors extend their heartfelt condolences to Brendan’s family, friends and colleagues during this difficult time. We mourn the loss of a remarkable individual whose passion for the law and genuine care for others will be deeply missed.

We wish to offer reassurances to all that the firm remains in operation, remaining steadfast in upholding the principles that Brendan instilled within the firm. In honouring Brendan’s memory, all at Brendan Fleming Solicitors remain committed to providing exceptional legal services and compassionate support to all our clients; both current and future.

As a visionary leader, Brendan built a legacy of excellence, compassion, and unwavering commitment to justice. His relentless pursuit of fairness had a profound impact on family law. Brendan, over the past 40 years, has impacted the lives of countless individuals. Brendan dedicated his life to the legal profession, leaving an indelible mark on our firm and the community.

The celebration of Brendan’s life will take place on 16 February 2024.

Details about memorial services and tributes are below. We invite those who knew Brendan to join us in remembering and celebrating a life dedicated to justice, integrity and the pursuit of a better legal system for all. Should you wish to have further information about the service, or should you wish to attend the service remotely, please email for details.

May Brendan rest in peace, and may his legacy continue to inspire us all.

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  1. Dear all I was sorry to hear of your recent bereavement. Although I did not know Brendan well, on the occasions when we met, he was always kind and considerate.
    His advice was second to none.
    Please accept my deepest sympathies for your sad loss

    Rest in peace Brendan you was a star for family law

  2. My sincere condolences to Sophie, his children, family, friends, colleagues and to all those who had the privilege of knowing this great man, Like you all, this has come as a complete shock. In my infancy as a solicitor, I knocked on many doors without any sucess. Brendan however gave me the opportunity to work along side him at his firm. This was the making me and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today without Brendan’s valuable input and investment.. Brendan like me grow up in Small Heath and was a die hard blues fan. Brendan inherited strong family values which he instilled into the foundations to build a legacy. Brendan was an inspiration and a father figure to me. Always had time for me and made me feel as part of his famly. The secret to Brendan’s success was that he was a people’s person and the legal voice of the most needy and vulnerable. He was well respected in the industry. Brendan was the pioneer in family law, however he kept his feet on the ground. Brendan, you will be sadly missed and without a showdown of doubt, your legacy will continue through those who truly cared and loved you. Rest In Peace Bab. Warmest Regards to you all, Salvia Akram

  3. I hope this tribute to Brendan Fleming will be acceptable?
    I met Brendan in his Office on a cold winter day,
    A Service user introduced us,I didn’t know what to say,
    Brendan voice was so chilled, he had lots to declare,
    About the unfairness of the system, it was just not fair,
    Brendan said that he was happy to take PAIN cases, he said yes with a smile,.
    One of the best Solicitors in the U.K.,at the Family Court trial,
    The Care Proceedings wins began to grow,
    Case Law flowing Brendan face was a glow,
    Brendan spoke on my video For the Daily Mail inspirational Women of the year,
    A finalist oh what a cheer,
    Brendan would open his office at weekends and very late at night.,
    Even a Easter Monday Brendan would still be in the office,to get the skeleton arguments just right,
    He would talk at Conferences in my opinion Solicitor of the year,
    Soon Brendan was to retire I thought oh my goodness Oh Dear,
    Fully retired, no Brendan was back for all to see,
    I told everybody Brendan was back , no time even for a cup of tea,
    Brendan practiced criminal law for many years,
    And then a new challenge, Family law and enduring parents trauma through their tears,
    What can I say ? inspirational a credit to his profession,
    Goodness and humble to stop the Court oppression,
    Dedicated approachable and nice until the end .
    And to many a hero and to his Colleagues he was thier friend,
    What can I say about. a Gentleman so grand,
    Assertive in Court Brendan would make a stand,
    Never a bad word about anybody echoed from his lips
    Position Statement after Position statement, writing all day with his fingertips ,
    I heard that Brendan has passed away suddenly and untimely on New Years Eve,
    The shock was so sudden very hard to believe
    We sit around all in tears, we have such a lot to grieve,
    Somewhere up in the sky. there is a brand new Angel flying by,
    Our Heavenly Father knows but we still winder why?
    Brendan now on his way to Heavenly Glory,
    A life well lived, true not just a Story,
    I am sure Brendan will be doing something similar on the Heavenly Plain,
    Please let them in they are not to blame.
    Brendan your fine legacy will remain forever,
    Forgetting you No never.
    Our thoughts and Prayers go out to Brendan Family and Friends.and all work Colleagues.
    Sincere Condolences.
    From Alison Stevens Trevor Jones. Richard Roper Fiona Barry, Florence Bellone,
    Parents Against Injustice PAIN.

  4. What a huge loss to all the families Brendan has helped. I learnt of his death today and was stunned. Brendan was one of those rare, larger than life characters who I was deeply honoured to have known.

    Requiescat in pace, Brendan. Thank you for all the help & assistance. You gave more than was ever required of your profession to the great service of others.

  5. Shocked. To hear the sad news he was a good friend we had some fun times and was great to work for he will be sadly missed

    1. To a gentle soul, who had a passion for rum and raisan ice-cream and curry and to who i became as close as a daughter. , I send my heart felt condolences to his family and friends.

  6. To Brendan’s family, workmates, clients and friends. FASO small tribute to Brendan (helped by Alisons PAIN,s words) to a very strong family solicitor, whom we will all miss.

    FASO tribute
    It was with the greatest of sadness that we heard that Children Panel Solicitor Brendan Fleming who passed away suddenly on 31/12/2023
    A family panel solicitor who looked out for, and dealt with families accused of NAI and related accusations.
    Brendan had won many cases pertaining to Parents who had been accused of non-accidental injury due to unexplained fractures in Babies & Children who were eventually diagnosed with metabolic bone disorders, such as vitamin D deficiency and Osteo Genesis Imperfecta a form of brittle bone disease.
    A solicitor whose name FASO could safely pass on, to those who came to FASO for support
    Another caring family solicitor who will be missed, by hundreds of families, as well as FASO.

    Margaret FASO UK CEO

  7. What a loss.

    I’ve worked with Brendan, his brother and many at Brendan Fleming for over 30 years and I have always said, that if I needed a family lawyer… I’d go to him and his firm first.

    A children and families champion, a kind and decent man, and a man who treated those he commissioned as he would want to be treated himself.

    Happy memories of ‘borrowing’ one of his offices in the old Gazette Building to interview my families in. Great rates of a bottle of whisky a meeting….he never asked…but I insisted!

    A real loss to his profession and families he worled with.

    Sincere condolesecnces to his family, loved ones, friends and collegaues. 💚

  8. I have known Brendan for the entirety of my career, initially when I worked for him in housing law and latterly in relation to family law. In all of that time, Brendan was an inspirational figure. Not only did he always fight for what was right for his clients but he gave them practical help as well as legal help. For those aspiring to be part of the legal profession but perhaps struggling with the barriers placed before them including the incredible cost of becoming a solicitor, he gave them opportunities where no others had been offered. He willingly gave advice to and mentored many over the years. I watched him time and again approach court matters with a calm and compassionate manner however difficult the circumstances might have been. He a great loss to the profession but also to all of us who saw what he offered beyond the law.

    My sincere condolences to Sophie and to his children, of whom he spoke to me very recently with immense pride and to all of his colleagues past and present. Brendan will never be forgotten because of the impact he had on the lives of so many.

  9. Wow !! This is shock. We were talking about him last week. We met him 20+ years ago, socially & were invited to his fab parties at his home.. What a fabulous down to earth person. Condolences to all who knew him. Would be an honour to attend this funeral, if you’d be kind enough to forward the details to 🙏🏽

  10. I really don’t know what to say. I was so shocked to read of his passing. For me we go back to 1993 when I 1st qualified and a battle was had and he was the most fierce opponent I’ve ever had in 30 years. A titan in the field of family and care work. He also took his football seriously and was a tremendous criminal advocate. At one stage he had the largest criminal team in the Midlands. He was a family man and a committed father. He will be a huge loss. His firm will feel it as well as his family. His legacy will live on. RIP Brendan.

  11. You know how much of an impact one person has had on you when you receive such sad news and it stays with you whilst you reflect on what they did for you and for many others. I like many probably thought Brendan was immortal, but his caring soul and shrewd business head are now elsewhere. His legacy however is there in all that worked with him and for him. I for one is forever grateful for the opportunities he gave me and his generosity. He had such instinct for getting the best out of you whether you were an employee or a client. He worked us hard but we had such fun. He balanced the needs of his staff, clients and business with precision. He could be tough but it was all directed towards equipping you with the skills to do this job. I recall being adamant that I would never set foot in a criminal court. He was determined to get me in there. I dodged it several times and expecting one day he would either give up or sack me! He tricked me instead. I was doing a family hearing at Solihull FPC. He was there too. When my case had finished I was just about to leave when I got a call to attend a criminal matter. I went to the court to discover that Brendan had told the clerk that he had to go but that Miss O’Neill would cover it. I was horrified, but had no choice but to make the most of it, thankfully I did not do too much damage!! He was teaching me to confront my fears and restrictions. I had the best springboard for my career working at Brendan Fleming. I shall be eternally grateful. He was a incredibly special man. Suaimhneas síoraí duit Brendan ♥

  12. This has come as a huge shock. I think, like most who knew Brendan, I felt that he was immortal. That he’d forever be heading to Court, doing what he loved, what he did best, and what he thrived on. I have countless memories, funny stories, and reasons to be grateful to him. Like so many, Brendan catapulted me into the legal world (quite literally!) and believed in me. His uniqueness, dedication and ability to do whatever he felt was right despite any potential consequences, made him infamous in the legal world. I will never hear the word ‘bab’ without thinking of him! It is near impossible to try to describe him to people who didn’t know him – a one off who will be missed by many. Sending condolences and love to Sophie and their children. Rest well, BJF x

  13. There are very few people in life that genuinely leave a void for so many people for so many different reasons, Brendan Fleming was without doubt one of those people.
    I was fortunate enough to work for Brendan at the very start of my legal career as a fresh faced 17yr old. My youth and lack of experience did not phase Brendan, he put a huge amount of faith in me and handed me my dream job, working with an amazing team of people and a fantastic firm full of great colleagues. I had many great times at his service and saw him often after I had moved on.
    It is testament to Brendan that so many of his staff have worked at the firm for several decades.
    Brendan’s work ethic and genuine enthusiasm for the job set him apart from his peers, some loved him, some didn’t, but everyone admired and respected him.
    Our clients loved him, for so many he was a genuine hero, a knight in shining armour in their hour of need when they found themselves thrust into the justice system and at the mercy of the courts. Brendan came to the need of so many and championed the rights for so many people without whom they would not have had a voice.
    He worked us hard but rewarded us well but most of all he taught us about our work ethic and always putting the client first in everything we did professionally. That is something that I and so many of my colleagues have carried forward throughout our careers.
    My memories of Brendan are too many to mention but they are all good memories that I will always look back on fondly.
    I hope that the wonderful team at Brendan Fleming are able to overcome this loss and continue his and their great work, he leaves behind a fantastic legacy as he heads for the courtroom in the sky.
    Rest in Peace dear friend and thank you for everything, you will be missed by so many, and my thoughts are with those that you leave behind.

  14. The news of Brendan’s sudden and premature passing still hasn’t sunk in. It brings such an immense loss to so many people – his family, his friends, and all those who ever knew him. He was uniquely charismatic. He was one of a kind. He had a boundless zest for his work and an infectiously positive attitude and spirit. He was utterly incomparable and very many people owe their family life to him. He left an indelible imprint on the lives of all those who had the pleasure of meeting him and being helped by him. At such a sad time, words may be of little comfort but I hope that in time, the overwhelming feelings of deep sadness will give way to lasting memories of the happy times spent with Brendan by his family and colleagues., He could not have wished for a more dedicated team of lawyers to continue his sterling work and to keep him uppermost in the thoughts of all those who met him. I feel honoured to have known him.

    Hilary Pollock

  15. I was shocked by the news Brendan suddenly passed away. Brendan trained me doing the care proceedings work and I made lots of friends at Brendan’s and was grateful to meet up in 2022, after many years! RIP Brendan and thank you for all your support. Sending condolences to all the family x

  16. I am so sorry to hear about Brendan, I worked for him for some 10 years at Castle Vale with Carole Logan and then the Chelmsley Wood office. I was a former client of his and a one parent family at the time having never worked in solicitors before but he gave me a chance.
    I know he could be a tyrant but it was because he cared and we always got on so well. Rest in peace Brendan.

  17. To Brendan’s Family, colleagues and friends,

    A Unique Legal expert in the profession.

    The world was a better place for Brendan’s expertise in Family Law.

    May he rest in eternal peace.

  18. I was extremely shocked and upset to learn of Brendan’s passing. Brendan gave me my start in law and he pushed and supported me the whole way through my training and beyond. He had complete faith in me and was so encouraging. Just when you thought you’d reached the limit of your abilities he always found a way to make you see you had more.
    He genuinely invested a part of himself in all he met and in that respect, there will very much be an ever present piece of Brendan within past, present and future lawyers, the families he helped and beyond. It is a legacy he thoroughly deserves.
    I always smile when I think about Brendan constantly calling me ‘Sinead’ and I would correct him daily. I genuinely thought he just couldn’t pronounce my name correctly until he met my Mum and pronounced it spot on first time. I should have known he was just enjoying the wind up.
    I loved my years working at BJFs and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work for Brendan. I will look back on those years all the more fondly now.
    See you Bab. Thanks for everything.

  19. Unfortunately I did not know brendon personally but I have watched the video of him at the adoption conference and the good reviews his company has what a great guy. Sending our condolences to all that new him

  20. I spoke to Brendan before I met him. I was a newly qualified solicitor at the time. One of Brendan’s clients had decided to transfer her case from him to me. I wrote to ask for the file. He called to say that he’d be happy to let me have it. He then warned me that the client was exceptionally difficult, and hadn’t wanted to accept any advice. On reading the file, I soon learnt how right he was. I gave exactly the same advice. She didn’t like it from me either. I was so grateful that Brendan had forewarned me.

    Over the years that followed, we were often in court together on opposing sides of cases. Being opposite Brendan was always a pleasure. He was always sensible and knew what he was doing. When our client’s disagreed, sometimes vehemently, he never made it personal between us. We were both doing our best for our clients, but our own relationship was always friendly and professional, and we had fun along the way. I will miss him.

  21. Such a shock and genuinely upsetting and saddened to hear of Brendan’s sudden passing. My condolences go out to Brendan’s family and his team.
    I worked for Brendan many years ago but still have very fond memories of my time being trained the “BJF way Bab”.
    It wasn’t often that he would call me or any other team member by our actual names as everyone was “Bab”. I recall having the opportunity to observe Brendan in the Magistrates’ Court at B’ham once when referred to the Bench as “Babs”
    Brendan was a committed solicitor who genuinely cared for anyone he represented and his determination to always find a positive outcome for a parent was unwavering.
    The last time that I saw Brendan was probably 6 years ago when he’d heard that I’d moved on to working for another local authority and said to me “Bab I’m trying to get the old team together and you need to come back from the dark side”. That is something that will stay with me and make me smile when I think about Brendan.
    RIP in Brendan.

  22. Having worked for Brendan some years ago now and personally becoming a friend of his, I was extremely shocked to hear of his passing. I had the pleasure of maintaining Brendan’s home, properties and three condo’s in Canada. Brendan was a larger than life character who was a charismatic, funny and self motivated intellectual individual. A personal message to the immediate family, friends and work colleagues, life is very cruel at times, but cherish all those wonderful memories you have of Brendan. A great loss to all concerned. A true gentleman. Rest in peace Brendan.

  23. Such shocking sad news. My years working for Brendan whilst they were tough at times, they will always be remembered as the best. He treated us all as one big family, he liked us to work hard but party hard too. So many great stories that bring a smile. Brendan will never be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers are with Sophie and their beautiful children at this difficult time as well as the staff at the firm 🙏🏻

  24. What an awful shock to hear this. Brendan was one of the first solicitors I ever met when I stepped into the Court in Birmingham. as a newbie many years ago. So knowledgeable but yet so caring. He never took advantage of his vast knowledge and advocacy skills. Always willing to come to the table and agree a resolution. I never practiced Public Law, but I know Brendan was one of the most caring Public Law Solicitors to ever grace this planet. He would go above and beyond to get the right result. So sad. Sincere condolences to his family and all his work colleagues.

    RIP Brendan. Your legacy will live on through your family and work colleagues.

  25. Brendan Joseph Fleming – Truly the Greatest Showman in the legal world.

    I had the privilege of working under Brendan’s guidance from 1989 to 2005, and I am profoundly grateful for everything he imparted.

    His legacy lives on in the countless lives he impacted, the legal landscape he reshaped, and the memories I will hold dear forever .

    May you rest in peace and may your legacy continue to inspire us all.

    Thank you Bren x

  26. Such sad news that I never thought I would hear – like many I thought Brendan would live forever – he was a larger than life character with a huge heart – I have known him and admired him most of my working life – he was a real warrior for his clients who always felt that he was on their side and put up a fight for them – he will leave a huge hole and be very sadly missed by not just his family and friends but all those that new him

  27. I first met Brendan in the late 1980s in the Victoria law courts. He would either be in one of the criminal courts on the ground floor or alternatively having battles in relation to maintenance payments and “custody/access” (before the Children Act and Child Support Act) in the Family Law courts which were then based on the first floor of the Victoria Law Courts. These were the old days when the court also had a cafe on the 1st floor reserved for lawyers, judges and magistrates etc and when we were perhaps more sociable that we are now.
    I recall specifically his practice being responsible for issuing several applications for injunction orders on a daily basis and almost having a court to itself for those applications in the court building at 4 Newton Street. This was all before the Family Law Act and before the government had realised that domestic violence was an important issue which needed to be treated more seriously.
    At one stage he had an extremely efficient production line of legal advisers on all aspects of law. He was the first solicitor I knew who really knew how to develop a firm of solicitors as a commercial business and at one time he was almost certainly the most successful legal aid solicitor in the West Midlands area from a commercial point of view.
    In later years he would either telephone me in relation to a case late on a Sunday night and then express surprise that I was a little annoyed that he would want to discuss a case with me at such a time, or alternatively I would find him carrying on work on a case whilst waiting for a takeaway (we lived relatively close to one another at one point). In short a real workaholic!
    It was a huge shock to hear the news. Rest in peace Brendan.

  28. Such sad news. We have lost a giant in the legal profession, a marketing genius and a character in and around Birmingham. Brendan will be a hard act to follow and I wonder if we shall see his like again, utterly unique. Sincere condolences to his family, staff and colleagues. God Bless and keep you Brendan your legacy will live on through all people and places you touched.

  29. Only heard the sad news today about Brendan’s passing, from an old solicitor friend, Elaine Atkinson. It’s a real shock, like other people have mentioned you thought he was immortal. I had the pleasure of working for Brendan for over 10 years during the 198o’s and 1990’s and helped set up his new “criminal law” department in Gazette Buildings, Corporation Street. I remember Paul McNab coming to work for us and as he said we had a fantastic staff and it was really one big happy family. Brendan worked you hard but he was a great boss who really appreciated all your hard work. He was very generous towards his staff and I remember he used to come round to all of us individually on a Friday afternoon to check that we were all ok. We worked hard and played hard and had great fun. Especially on a Friday night after work in the Quo Vardis bar in Corporation Street! There are really too many memories to write down here, the years at Brendan Flemings were some of the best of my working life. Hope lots of ex-employees can make the memorial service on 16th February, be nice to meet again and have a good catch up. God bless you Brendan, thoughts and prayers to your family and loved ones.

  30. So sad. I worked with Brendan for a while a few years back and he was the best family law solicitor ever, always there to help the heart-broken families and do everything in his power to reunite families. Sincere condolences to his family and friends, such a huge loss. I hope his legacy lives on.

  31. I had the pleasure of Brendan’s society from the 80s onwards, both in crime & family, & whether in opposition or agreement.
    It was no surprise that he built up such a successful practice from scratch & for all the reasons already posted supra.
    I saw him fairly recently at court (in Birmingham, I think,) & pleased to see each other but surprised that we were both still toiling at the coal face. It is a very great pity that he is no longer. RIP.

  32. This has come as such a shock of the passing of Brendan.
    My family appreciate what Brendan and especially Sophie did for us. What can I say, Sophie believed in us, she became a good friend.
    Thank you so much for all of the help given.
    Our deepest condolences.
    Love to Sophie and all of the family,
    From Deb, Jill, Gareth and most of all Loiq xx

  33. Did know you or the firm other than the good things, I heard from my good friend Deb Page and other families fighting this horrible system. RIP And thoughts sent to family.

  34. I was extremely saddened to receive the news that Brendan had passed away.

    Brendan was a truly totemic figure, who profoundly impacted the lives of so many people, including mine, in the most positive ways. The many treasures imparted from his well-stocked mind will remain with me forever, as will many cherished memories of his kindness and generosity.

    My condolences to Sophie and his children; may his memory and legacy help to heal the broken hearts left behind.

  35. RIP Brendan …..condolences to all family and friends 💔🙏

    What a guy!!!
    Everyone loved him, because he was down to earth, honest and highly respected in both law and life!
    I Worked with him at Eagle & Boyars, moving with him to join Mr. WYNCHENK in Gazette Buildings, until leaving Birmingham in 1991.
    Saddened and shocked by the news of Brendans passing, but grateful for the many happy memories he leaves behind ……. may he rest in peace 🙏. Annie

  36. I heard about Brendan’s death only this weekend. I was an independent psychologist when I knew Brendan and he often instructed me to give an expert opinion on family matters. He was a truly lovely man, very caring about this clients and I always knew it was Brendan on the phone because his first words would be, ‘Hello, Bab, Brendan here.’

    My belated best wishes go to his family. He was one of the best.

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