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Bite Marks

There are a few reasons why bite marks can cause medical professionals and children’s services to suspect a parent of child abuse. Firstly, outside of main caregivers, it is very difficult for an adult to get close enough to inflict a bite on a child.

Secondly, bites inflicted on a child by an adult is usually done in uncontrolled rage.  Thirdly, the old adage of , ‘if your child bites you, you must bite them back to teach them it hurts’ is still bandied about in some circles.

Every parent knows that most toddlers go through a biting stage.  Children often bite each other in a nursery or school setting.  Teachers usually know who the biting children are and also know when a child has fallen victim to this due to seeing the event or hearing a scream as bites usually hurt.  It is common sense that a child who inflicts a bite on another child will leave a smaller bite imprint than that of an adult. Sometimes, siblings bite each other at home.

A parent may be accused of biting their child, when in fact; the injury could have been inflicted by a child at school or nursery, or by an older brother or sister.

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