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Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

EDS, is a genetic connective tissue disorder which may predispose the sufferer to easy bruising and/or easy bleeding. EDS is an inherited condition, usually from a parent or blood relative and is characterised by various physical features of varying severity.

There are currently known to be 6 different types of EDS from hypermobility type (EDS-HT) which can be characterised by hypermobile joints, increased skin elasticity and the skin having a silky appearance and feel, to the most severe degree which can cause spontaneous rupturing of the blood vessels and other chronic and potentially life threatening physical manifestations.

In the context of Non-Accidental Injury, EDS can be identified as a contributory factor in some injuries such as bruising and haemorrhaging. EDS is becoming increasingly recognised as a contributory cause in some NAI cases where it is identified through genetic assessment. Where an assessment for EDS is justified, usually through the exploration of family medical histories and the identification of certain medical characteristics which may point towards the presence of this condition, EDS can explain the presence of, for example, bruising or haemorrhaging through apparently minor trauma. Most of the EDS types are incredibly rare and are not usually identified, however EDS-HT (hypermobility type) is becoming more widely recognised as a potential contributor in this field.

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