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Eye Injury

Ophthalmological (eye) Injuries can present either individually or alongside other injuries, i.e Non Accidental Head Injury.  Injuries may be to one eye or bilateral (both eyes).  Of course there are medical conditions which may explain ophthalmological injuries and they will be considered by the medical professionals.

There are various types of ophthalmological injuries including pre-retinal haemorrhages, intra-retinal haemorrhages, sub conjunctival haemorrhages, vitreous haemorrhages, they are all bleeding to the eye just sometimes in different parts.  There may be damage to the optic disks there may not.  There may be detached retinas.  There may be macular folds.  If injuries to the eyes are identified then an expert Ophthalmologist is usually appointed to assist with the identification, causation, ageing, mechanism and timing. It is known that sometimes retinal haemorrhages can be caused as part of the birth process.

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